Fuel Economy Boost by 30% for 2020 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza might saw its last edition, but it seems like the production is not ended, but only put on break. We could find Highlander SUV as the replacement. The vehicle will reappear as 2020 Toyota Venza. However, British carmaker Lotus is involved in its development. Cooperation between these two companies will bring benefits for both sides. Lotus, known as a manufacturer of race and sport cars, is trying to make a passenger vehicle. On the other hand, Toyota is getting a sportier look and more aggressive appearance.

Lotus took Venza and disassembled it. After careful observation, engineers will try to make the crossover much lighter. But, it is not just about the weight drop. The car needs to keep its soul. So, the 2020 Toyota Venza should look the same as before and have same dimensions. Again, this is a tough job to make such slow vehicle agile and quick to suit Lotus characteristics.

2020 Toyota Venza

2020 Toyota Venza Lightweight for Better Performance

What is Lotus is trying to do is to make a revolutionary move. The 2020 Toyota Venza will be 38 percent lighter than the last edition of the crossover. Just for a record, the weight of this SUV was over 4,000 pounds. After the diet, the mass should go down to around 2,500 pounds.

New Technologies

At this moment, in 2018, it is impossible to make a performance car with such change. But, the Lotus is not giving up. They want to make something that will be adopted by other companies. The 2020 Toyota Venza is going to get much better specs by a weight drop. The body is going to be lighter. Also, Lotus’ method is not just keeping its durability, but also increases the strength of architecture.

2020 Toyota Venza architecture

2020 Toyota Venza Fuel Economy and Development Costs

Of course, the lighter vehicle will bring better fuel economy. Estimations are that 2020 Toyota Venza will get a boost of at least 20 percent. Some unofficial reports say it could go up to 30 percent.

At the same time, new materials in the body of 2020 Toyota Venza SUV will increase the cost for just about 3 percent. Nevertheless, the development, study, and experiments will cost much more. We are sure that will be counted when Venza’s final price will be on the table.

2020 Toyota Venza Weight Drop

It is still unknown what kind of materials Lotus is going to use for building the 2020 Toyota Venza. However, there are a lot of doubts in this idea. As always, radical approaches must go through a period where heavy critics will be against them. But, we shouldn’t judge it before we see it.

2020 Toyota Venza side

2020 Toyota Venza Release Date

Definitely, the 2020 Toyota Venza is just an idea of a lightweight performance vehicle made by Lotus. Although we are listening to it as the 2020 year model, we could see it only as a concept. Well, it is possible for Toyota to present it during next year, but the production will start beyond 2020. The development has just started, and we doubt such changes are possible in short period of time. Nevertheless, the idea is great and experts would like to see if it is going to be accepted by fans, buyers, and other companies.

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