2021 Tesla Model Y Review (Level 4 Autonomous Drive, Range)

Tesla is making its way on the market. The Model X is a luxurious SUV whose price is the main problem for most fans. The carmaker is going to deliver a more affordable vehicle, but also the less capable. Still, the all-electric 2021 Tesla Model Y is going to be a seven-seater that will have a much more attractive price tag than its predecessor. Although we are finding  interesting to see how designers imagined a compact crossover SUV with three rows of seats, enthusiasts wants to know more about technology, release date, price, and performance of the new vehicle.

The carmaker will make Model Y more attractive to buyers. It is based on the Model 3 sedan and the crossover is smaller than the existing SUV. Furthermore, Tesla is facing a serious competition. Rivian is receiving a praise for its concepts and more companies are investing in their business. Of course, there is also Ford, one of the biggest US companies, which is not going to leave the electric market to other carmakers without a fight.

But, let’s back to the 2021 Tesla Model Y. Highlights of the crossover SUV will be a 230-mile range for the base version, and up to 300 miles with the higher-end models. Besides the US, the vehicle is going to appear in Europe and China. The production is in China and Fremont, California.

2021 Tesla model y

2021 Tesla Model Y Specs

There will be two versions of the 2021 Tesla Model Y – short and long range models. The crossover is going to offer four different setups, with various range and recharge times. The base one is coming with a 60 kWh motor that will provide power for 230 miles. The new charging system will take less than 30 minutes to refill 80 percent of the energy. That is good for nearly 200 miles. Standard outlets will take a lot longer. The base version is delivering 200 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, while the crossover needs 6 seconds for 0-60 mph sprint. The top speed will be limited at 120 mph.

Three other configurations will represent the ‘Long Range’ section. The maximum you can get from these is 300 miles and 5 seconds for 0-60. The battery is 74 kWh motor with capability to produce 350 hp and 390 lb-ft. Recharging time is eight hours. Other configurations will both make 280 miles in a single run with AWD replacing the rear-wheel drive setup. The most impressive numbers are taking Model Y to 150 mph and spends only 3.5 seconds for 0-60 mph.

2021 Tesla model y range

Tesla is Making Level 4 Autonomous Drive

The 2021 Tesla Model Y will be full of surprises. The crossover SUV belongs to the luxury class, but it is more approachable to its buyers. By the time it comes out, the technology is going to evolve, and Tesla is the company that keeps the pace with the latest hi-tech features. One of them is an autonomous drive.

Currently, the US carmaker offers the most from the Level 2. However, the innovation will make them jump straight to the Level 4. Differences between it and Level 3 are not so big, so most companies will go straight to the higher one. We already hear BMW and Nissan are considering the same move. Most of the other carmakers need to launch any kind of such technology.


As said, the new 2021 Tesla Model Y is going to be a seven-seater. How, if it is a compact crossover? Well, Tesla always has an ace upon the sleeve. Some info is already available, and we can expect cargo space up to 65 cubic feet. The three-row model will be an optional, while the seven-seater is coming later.

Since the new Model Y is going to be based on the Model 3, we can find some similarities between these two. Vertical touchscreen display is a trademark, as well as the glass roof. The size of the screen is still unknown, but this is the center of the command room.

2021 Tesla model y price

When Will 2021 Tesla Model Y Be Available?

We will see the 2021 Model Y in the second half of 2020 (source – Elon Musk). So, we will have to be patient to see the complete update. The base version (230 miles of range) will be out early in 2021 and it carries the price tag of $39k. By then, the remaining units in the lineup are going to be on streets. The RWD version with most miles in the electric battery costs $48,000 and higher-end options are AWD ($52,000) and Performance edition ($61,000). By the time the 2021 Tesla Model Y hits the market, we will see responses from main competitors. Ford already launched the PHEV version of Explorer SUV, and the US carmaker invested over $15 billion into electrification. All-electric SUV is priority, alongside the F-150 Hybrid pickup truck.

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