2019 Tesla Model Y production starts in November 2018

The 2019 Tesla Model Y is a smaller alternative to the more-famous Model X SUV. While also an SUV, the Model Y will ride on its own and brand-new platform instead of the Model S’ platform. Comparing the Y and X models, Y is more compact and more basic than its big brother.

Some rumors are saying that the Model Y production will start in November this year with the release date in the middle of 2019. While we wait for the more official information, we expect the 2019 Model Y to deliver great mileage, superb handling, and comfortable interior.

2019 Tesla Model Y front

2019 Tesla Model Y will get a new platform

So far, the only clue about the exterior of the new 2019 Tesla Model Y is teaser photos. According to the photos, we can expect a tall crossover SUV with the nice stance and modern design. The windshields are the same as on the Model X and the hood is looking smooth and clean. Moreover, the hood comes with two muscular lines and aggressive wheel arches.

This SUV looks wide and as we mention, it will ride on its own and new platform. There is a huge possibility that the front fascia will look slightly different than on the teaser photos. On top of that, the doors are also the same as on the Model X. Side view cameras should replace side view mirrors which comes as no surprise.

2019 Tesla Model Y interior

2019 Tesla Model Y interior will be similar to the model X

The interior is perhaps the biggest mystery. We can expect the same or similar layout as in the Model X, but on the other hand, this is a compact model. The 2019 Tesla Model Y will probably be more affordable and more similar to the Model 3. If our guess is right, this crossover SUV will get a tablet-like display that operates the most important stuff. Moreover, expect a lot of plastic trims and less cabin space.

This is a compact model and the legroom will be decreased, logically. The two-tone scheme is available but it is not configurable like the exterior. The front seats are comfortable and rear seats can fit up to three passengers. The rear seats are folding flat, but don’t expect any generous storage space. On the other hand, plenty of high-tech features will be in the offer and that includes Wi-Fi, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and much more. A small display camera for the side view cameras will make a production as well.

2019 Tesla Model Y seats

2019 Tesla Model Y engine

Of course, the 2019 Tesla Model Y comes with an electric output that will be unique and will share nothing with other Tesla’s models. Elon Musk confirms that the 12-volt architecture will get a replacement. The most likely outcome is a rear-wheel drive setup as a standard and a 75 kWh battery pack. An all-wheel drive is optional, and maybe a 90 kWh battery pack will make a production.

With all that in mind, plus the new platform, the estimated range will be around 215 miles. Top speed will be rated at 130 mph while the Model Y may hit 0 to 60 mph in six seconds.

2019 Tesla Model Y rear

2019 Tesla Model Y price and release date

There is a huge question mark over the pricing of this crossover SUV. Sure, it will be more affordable than the 2019 Tesla Model X, and the 2019 Tesla Model Y could cost around $40,000.

Larger battery pack and more optional features being loaded could take you to $55,000. A speculated arrival date is beginning or the middle of 2019.

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