2019 Tesla Model X is the fastest, safest and most capable SUV in the world

The newest model 2019 Tesla Model X is a 3-row electric SUV that comes with great performance and stunning mileage. This emission-free SUV is pretty quick as well, it comes in four trim levels and an all-wheel-drive setup. On top of that, the Tesla Model X is the only 3-row SUV on the market that is all-electric. Model X is marked as a midsize SUV and it offers plenty of uniqueness.

One uniqueness is its falcon wing doors that open up. Overall, a family-friendly midsize SUV with an astonishing level of comfort, great mileage, and performances that we rarely see in this segment.

2019 Tesla Model X

2019 Tesla Model X exterior is unique and looks very distinctive

The exterior of the all-new 2019 Tesla Model X offers a very unique design. This SUV is something you don’t have an opportunity to see on a regular basis and it is a real stand-out in the crowd. Some styling cues are taken from its smaller sedan sibling Model S and a whole exterior package looks very distinctive. The door handles are done in chrome and the roofline is perfectly angular.

Unlike the S model, Model X takes a wider and taller stance. The front end adds LED headlights and a very modern front grille. If you opt for a black exterior paint, this SUV looks really mean and perfect. The overall look of the 2019 Tesla Model X is complete with black 17-inch wheels and a blacked-out grille that is attractive. Moreover, everything in the new SUV is power-operated. That includes a heated outside mirror, windows, liftgate, and doors. The famous Falcon Wing door that opens up instead of out. It looks cool but it can make some problems in tight spaces.

2019 Tesla Model X interior look

2019 Tesla Model X cabin offers plenty of premium materials

The interior looks really upscale, modern and comfy. The level of comfort is high on the 2019 Tesla Model X thanks to the plenty of premium materials. All of the controls sit on the huge 17-inch touchscreen that takes over the half of the dashboard. This touchscreen is not only the largest in the SUV segment but probably in the markets overall.

With that in mind, the number of buttons is minimal, which is not a problem as the touchscreen is very responsive and user-friendly. A standard layout is 5-seats in 2-rows. But the cabin is easy to configure and you can make a setup for up to seven passengers.

2019 Tesla Model X interior

2019 Tesla Model X engine and battery details

A full-electric drivetrain is available in two different configurations. The first configuration is 90D that produces up to 259 HP. The second, P90D, generates 503 HP which is quite astonishing. Both configurations include two electric motors where one motor is using a front wheel drive and the second one benefits from a rear wheel drive. Combined, they create some sort of an all-wheel-drive system.

The 90-kWh battery is in the offer and it covers up to 250 miles per charge. A 90D configuration can go up to 257 miles. Comparing these two configurations continues over to the speed section as well. A 90D hits from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds while the P90D reaches the same speed in 3.1 seconds.

2019 Tesla Model X safety

Safety options

The upcoming model 2019 Tesla Model X is the safest SUV in the world. This model offers plenty of safety features as standard. Some of them are collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, eight surround cameras that allows for 360-degree vision, twelve ultrasonic sensors that detect surrounding objects and many more. It is scored with a maximum 5-star safety rating.

2019 Tesla Model X rear

2019 Tesla Model X price and release date

The price of the 2019 Tesla Model X starts at around $80,000 and it can jump over the $130,000 for the P90D model. The price also depends on the chosen configuration and loading more optional packages and amenities. Moreover, a number of seats also decides the final price. Tesla’s latest midsize SUV will go on sale later in 2019. However, one can also choose the 2019 Tesla Model Y that cost less and gives great mileage.

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