2020 Suzuki Vitara Changes, New Engine, Price Update

The 2020 Suzuki Vitara will introduce interesting changes. Compared to its predecessor, the new crossover is lighter. Also, new parts will improve aerodynamics and appearance. Inside, designers will have a lot of work, since the company announced the upcoming Vitara is going to be one of the most advanced vehicles ever produced by Suzuki. Finally, the engine room is getting a turbocharged member for years to come.

The 2020 Suzuki Vitara is not coming to the US. However, in most other markets, the compact crossover is pretty popular. The Japanese company will focus on the European market, where the sales of Vitara jumped in the last couple of years. In the future, we expect this model to become one of the leaders in the class, alongside Hyundai Kona, Honda HR-V, Toyota C-HR, Renault Captur

2020 Suzuki Vitara release date

New Engine

We got used to the wide range of engines for the subcompact crossover. However, the next season brings a lot of updates. The first one is a turbocharged engine. A 1.0-liter BoosterJet is a three-cylinder unit capable to deliver 110 hp and 125 lb-ft of torque. We believe that 2020 Suzuki Vitara will need nearly 11 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph, while the top speed is 120 mph (195 kmh). Fuel consumption will be very low. The new crossover will return over 50 mpg (60 mpg UK, 4.5 l/100 km).

However, 2020 Vitara will also keep a 1.4-liter BoosterJet four-cylinder engine to boost power. Furthermore, the company will drop a diesel unit for the next season (at least in Europe). Also, the new three-cylinder mill is a replacement for the 1.6 engine, which is not available anymore for the crossover.

2020 Suzuki Vitara 1.0 boosterjet engine specs

2020 Suzuki Vitara Redesign, Body Colors

It’s been three years since the last big update on the crossover. However, the situation in the subcompact segment is changing very fast, so the Japanese company needs to develop new things for its model. This time, this will be the minor update of the 2020 Suzuki Vitara. The front fascia will suffer the most. Bumper and LED lights are the biggest changes. Alloy wheels and more colors in the palette are giving buyers more options. Inside, softer materials and the redesigned cluster will boost the elegance and visual appearance. Upper trim levels will offer leather. The new Vitara will use the latest safety features, Suzuki announced.

Two new colors are part of the offer in 2020. Paintjobs of this model were always eye-catching. The company draws attention to it, and the visual impact is one of the main advantages. Now, the subcompact crossover will add two more paints. The standard model is going to offer white as the base. Grey, metallic, and black is also options. Ore lively colors are red, orange, and turquoise. Vitara uses the contrast with the black roof for some models.

2020 Suzuki Vitara interior

2020 Suzuki Vitara Release Date, Price

Changes on the 2020 Suzuki Vitara will increase the price, that is for sure. However, the company hasn’t brought these updates yet. We don’t think the cost of the subcompact model will jump radically, not more than 500 euros. On the other hand, upper trim levels will get more accessories, safety features, and infotainment options. The new Vitara will be in shops in the first quarter of 2020.

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