Rivian SUV Price, Interior, Specs, Release Date

For those who don’t know – Rivian is the US carmaker best known for its electric vehicle. The company stunned everyone when they launched the EV truck concept. Parallelly, Rivian SUV is also in development and we could see the concept late in 2018.

The most recent news is pretty promising. The concept is there and the company needed the financial injection. This issue is also solved with Amazon pumping $700 million into this project. Having all this in mind, we can expect the production model very soon.

The highlights of the Rivian SUV concept are 400 miles of range and the engine with 750 horsepower. Right from the start, you can conclude the next chapter of this story – the price is going to be very high. The company also unveiled plans to build this SUV in Illinois and the name should be R1S.

Rivian SUV price

Rivian SUV Specs

The R1S will enter the production very soon with this Amazon investment. Rivian is not wasting any time and we will see if the plans will come true. During the premiere of the SUV concept, we could hear the high-output versions will be able to go 400 miles between recharges.

Base models will carry 105 kWh battery with a range of 240 miles. The next level is a 135-kWh pack with 310 miles. The most powerful unit is converting 180 kWh into a 400-mile range. How fast it will be? Try not to blink – acceleration 0-60 mph will take 3 seconds.

The company didn’t release further details about other versions. Chiefs were bragging with its most capable model. So, the huge battery is also good for 750 hp and 825 lb-ft of torque. Towing capacity will be 7,700 pounds. Rivian R1T truck is rated at 11,000 pounds.

R1S Off-Road Capability

The Rivian SUV is going to be a very potent vehicle. However, its power is not the only thing that will meet requirements of off-road adventurers. Adaptive air springs are the key here. This system increases the ground capacity to 14.5 inches.

The underbody of the Rivian R1S is flat, which allows the better usage of the space under the body. For example, Range Rover, as one of the most off-road capable SUVs, can offer up to 12 inches of ground clearance with the similar air suspension. The Kevlar-intensive composite protection is another key part of the system since it keeps the battery safe from off-road hits and damages.

Rivian SUV range

Interior and Cargo Space

The Rivian SUV is a three-row model with the seating capacity for seven persons. Since the battery for the R1S model is under the seats, it leaves extra cargo space under the hood. Rivian adds 11.5 cubic feet there. Total cargo space was not mentioned and the company didn’t let anyone check the interior of its SUV. Still, we can note that there is plenty of space, and the size is similar to BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS class.

The position of the battery is going to lower the center of gravity. It will improve handling and maneuverability. On the other hand, the large pack is going to be very heavy, which will cause the opposite drive. Total weight is still unknown, but the Rivian R1S SUV is going to be pretty heavy.

The interior of the vehicle’s concept seems to be almost ready for production. Whatsoever, we all know that the final product is always different from the one we see at the debut. So, fans can expect the same from the Rivian. Still, their SUV is going to offer plenty of premium materials and advanced hi-tech options. Autonomous drive, driver aid systems, top-notch infotainment, and plenty of connectivity options are certain.

Rivian SUV interior

Rivian SUV Price

The base price of the Rivian R1S starts at $72,000. The company announced that 400-mile version is not reaching $100,000 as many predicted. The most expensive model won’t cost more than $90k. Main competitors are Tesla Model X. Tesla is also preparing the premiere of the Model Y, which should be more affordable electric SUV.

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