Maybach SUV – The Most Luxurious Hybrid SUV

Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari SUV concept, Bentley Bentayga… all of these won’t be able to compete with a Maybach SUV. Mercedes is preparing the most luxurious crossover ever. As we can see with limos, the same is happening to other class. Maybach Mercedes SUV is the premium edition and something special.

We can already see first renderings of the future vehicle. The concept is not surprising. Stylish appearance without experiments is the way where Maybach SUV is heading. We still don’t know too much about the interior, but everyone can guess there will be plenty of premium features. We can also hear that the German company is planning to install a hybrid drivetrain in the crossover. All in all, fans will eagerly wait for next updates about the Maybach Mercedes SUV. In this review, we will check what we know so far.

Maybach SUV top

Maybach SUV More Expensive Than The G-Class

If anyone had doubts that any serial production vehicle could be more expensive than Mercedes-Benz G-Class, here is the denial. The Maybach SUV will top all the cost of the boxy crossover. And it is everything but cheap. Nevertheless, it all depends on the drivetrain choice for Maybach crossover. The AMG versions of G-Class can cost from $125,000, while the high-end models double these figures. Well, the starting cost of the Maybach Mercedes SUV will be at least $200,000. Hybrid or a V-12 we can find in AMG G 65, could definitely boost the price for another $100k.

Maybach SUV Luxury Concept

At this moment, everything is still an idea. But, according to shown images, we are not far away from the production model. The rendering looks like it is street-ready, although Mercedes will tune it further. Whatsoever, we can imagine what to expect from Maybach SUV.

Maybach SUV front


First photos are showing the crossover with an unusual grille for Mercedes. When you mention a radiator grille, the first thing coming to our minds is Jeep. However, this is not Wrangler or Cherokee. Also, the huge opening reminds on BMW and its kidney design. Narrow headlights and large air vents with unique bumper are completing the front fascia.

The side is not so exciting. No radical changes to elegant lines Mercedes is using on every model. However, we can see the rear end getting down early, and creating the trunk area more sedan-like. Well, this would be the unique solution in this segment, and only the big size of the vehicle will solve the mystery if anyone asks if this is SUV.

On the rear end, besides the strange trunk, we can also see the split window. This would definitely decrease the visibility and opinions are this is not getting to the production as shown. The same design of the sunroof is possible for Maybach SUV, although it is somehow weird.

All in all, the Maybach SUV needs some tuning before it appears officially in public. For renders and concept photos, it is very stylish and ready to take off.

Maybach SUV side

Maybach SUV Hybrid and Petrol Engine

Will the Maybach SUV appear as the conventional model, we still don’t know. For now, we can read only information speaking about the hybrid vehicle. But again, no further data is available about this powertrain. With so many unknown facts, it is hard to predict specs of the new luxurious crossover. Whatsoever, it is not possible to compare it to other similar vehicles from the same company.

First of all, we don’t know the size of the Maybach SUV or even the class where it will take a position. It could be a mid-size crossover. Furthermore, Mercedes is not well-known for its hybrid drivetrains, and this model would definitely need a special one. Everything about Maybach is unique, so it will be with a drivetrain.

Maybach SUV Interior

Luxury, luxury, luxury… and more luxury. That is a simple explanation of the way of thinking when designers are creating Maybach. They always manage to surprise. Yes, there will be large screens in front seats as the part of the rear-seat entertaining system. We saw it in concept images. But again, we saw it in some other vehicles. The Maybach SUV will need something special, unique, and breathtaking. What it is going to be, we can’t imagine. We will wait for the surprise.

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