Prototypes Unveil the Arrival of the 2020 Mercedes GLA

Mercedes is already testing its GLA-Class for 2020 season. The new vehicle is under camouflage, but spy photographers managed to spot it. Well, the new 2020 Mercedes GLA is still far away from its release date, but the existence of test mule is enough for first rumors to appear. This coupe crossover SUV is going to be pretty versatile. Two petrol engines are coming to the US, a diesel version is available in Europe, while the top-class AMG 45 model could burst over 400 horsepower. That is not all. Speculations about hybrid are now louder and more reliable.

Even without big changes, the 2020 Mercedes GLA will make some impact on the compact class. This is the smallest crossover by the German carmaker. The subcompact model might look like slightly bigger A-Class hatchback. But, it is more aggressive and comes with better specs.

2020 Mercedes GLA spy photos

2020 Mercedes GLA Coupe Specs

The entry-level of the 2020 Mercedes GLA will carry the same engine as its hatchback sibling. It is a 1.6-liter petrol unit with the capability to produce 100-150 horsepower, depending on configuration.

For fans in the US, the base unit will use a 2.0-liter engine. A larger displacement can make more power and torque. its outputs are 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a turbocharger and returns 33 mpg for highway run in front-wheel drive mode. All-wheel drive is also available. With such configuration, the Mercedes GLA 2020 ill consume more gasoline. Premium fuel is needed. The power created in the engine goes through a seven-speed DC transmission.


Buyers outside the US can purchase the 2020 Mercedes GLA with a diesel engine. As for the gasoline, there is smaller and bigger displacement. The entry-level crossover will use a 1.5-liter unit. A bigger option is a 2.1-liter turbodiesel. It can generate up to 170 hp. However, the new 2020 GLA will step up with torque output of 260 lb-ft. A six-speed manual gearbox is available for diesel models in some markets.

2020 Mercedes GLA rear


Rumors about the 2020 Mercedes GLA Hybrid could come true for this redesign. Well, some rivals are already offering their models with such drivetrains. For example, Lexus NX, and the brand-new UX will use battery support with its petrol drivetrains.

At this point, we don’t know much about the combination which could be a solution for 2020 Mercedes GLA Hybrid. A standard engine without turbocharger is a good drivetrain to start with. After upgrades, it will definitely boost its outputs and gas mileage. If the GLA goes PHEV, then the new model will be ready to drive by using only electric power. Don’t expect a long range, since all plug-in hybrids usually offer 30-35 miles.

2020 Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Top of the class configuration will add the twin-turbo system to the petrol engine, making it skyrocket its outputs. Connected to a 2.0-liter drivetrain, the 2020 Mercedes GLA 45 AMG will be ready to crunch 376 hp. After a facelift in 2015, it received extra power, which will maintain in future. The unit also tops torque outputs from a diesel engine. The AMG model bursts 350 lb-ft. This is good for 167 mph. The AMG vehicle needs only 4 seconds to reach 60 mph from a stop.

It is not all about the performance. The 2020 Mercedes GLA 45 AMG will present cool features and unique design solutions, outside and inside. In the cabin, we will see different layouts, but still simple controls. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay services are available on an eight-inch display which will add a touchscreen for Mercedes Benz GLA 2020.

2020 Mercedes GLA 45 amg

2020 Mercedes GLA 250 – Features and Options

For the US market, the 2020 Mercedes GLA 250 is an entry-level model. Well, the sizes of the subcompact vehicle don’t allow too much space inside, especially on rear seats. Passengers will lack leg room. But, the German carmaker makes it up with premium upholstery and features list. For the upcoming season, the GLA 250 will keep an 8-inch touchscreen display. On the other hand, gauges and control panel will suffer minor changes to refresh the interior.

As we can expect from MB, the interior is premium. There are small faults, but only true enthusiasts will spot them. So, we won’t bother you with these. Everything seems to be perfectly crafted on GLA crossover. So, only minor updates will refresh the look. Finally, the controls are easy to reach and command.

New Mercedes GLA 2020 Sport and Night

For the 2020 Mercedes GLA designers will prepare two optional packages. These are Sport and Night. The Mercedes GLA Sport adds some AMG features to the regular model. For example, these are 19-inch wheels. Furthermore, this package includes special Sport brakes. On the other hand, buyers can upgrade their Mercedes GLA coupe 2020 with black exterior details, such as roof rails.

2020 Mercedes GLA interior

When Will 2020 Mercedes GLA Be Available?

According to spy photos, Mercedes will bring the new model pretty soon. Fans can already purchase the version for 2019, and the next one could see its debut early next year. Whatsoever, market appearance is not happening so soon. Buyers can save money for at least a year before the next 2020 Mercedes GLA hits the dealerships.

The price will start at the same level where it was before. So, the base model in the USA will come with MSRP $35,000. With more options, the price will rise. Heavily packed models will go above $50k. Here, we don’t include AMG 45 version which will start at $53,000.

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