2019 Mazda CX-9 Launches a Diesel Version

The 2019 Mazda CX-9 is one of the favorite 3-row mid-size SUV is the US. Its dimensions and engine size don’t meet regulation in its homeland, but the crossover is very successful worldwide. With great ground clearance, it is capable to run off the road. Furthermore, many trim levels bring enough options to buyers, which can choose the best vehicle.

Still in the second generation, the 2019 Mazda CX-9 is getting a mid-cycle update. The new generation is still not in plans, while facelift and some significant changes could come soon. However, not with the 2019 year model.

Changes for the upcoming crossover will refresh the vehicle. Not only appearance but also the specs sheet are going to present different numbers. Size and interior dimensions remain the same. No big modifications of cabin layout are expected, but slight moves will create a better distribution of the space.

2019 Mazda CX-9

When Will Mazda CX-9 Be Redesigned?

Radical changes are not in plans for 2019 Mazda CX-9. So, there is no redesign or a new generation on the way. Mid-cycle refresh of the second-gen vehicle will provide enough to keep fans on alert. However, enthusiasts want to know when to expect a redesign. It is not likely to happen before 2021. Until then, we will see one more edition. Also, some big upgrades and facelift could happen, such as adding a hybrid vehicle.

2019 Mazda CX-9 Dimensions and Ground Clearance

The overall length of the 2019 Mazda CX-9 will be 200 inches. It is the same as for its predecessor. Wheelbase is 115 inches, while the width of the crossover is going to be 77.5 inches. Height is 70 in. The upcoming vehicle will save some weight thanks to lighter materials in its body. With more aluminum and carbon-fiber used for panels, the new Mazda CX-9 will lose around 50 pounds.

The crossover will stand pretty high. It offers almost 9 inches of ground clearance. This is enough for off-road adventures, without the need to boost the vehicle with special equipment. Also, with such big gap, the SUV will avoid big bumps on the road.

Interior Dimensions and Accessories

Occupants in the 2019 Mazda CX-9 will have plenty of room for legs and heads. Front and second-row have almost 40 inches of headroom, while the gap in the third row is not so generous. Perfect for kids, it will come with 36 inches. The same is with legroom. The first row is the most spacious. But, the clearance between second and third bench is 10 inches shorter than legroom in middle row.

Major lack of the previous edition of the crossover is missing of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services. The new 2019 Mazda CX-9 could add them, but for some higher trims, probably Signature. Buyers who like hi-tech features are not going to be happy with the crossover. However, its infotainment system is not so advanced, but Mazda CX-9 offers plenty of standard equipment.

2019 Mazda CX-9 3 row


Mazda CX-9 is one of the most comfortable three-row crossovers in the market. It doesn’t belong to the luxury class, but upper trims will look like premium crossovers. Also, in its base models, the 2019 CX-9 will offer three-zone auto climate control and adjustable seats. Higher-end trims bring automatic adjustment and moonroof.


As one of the crucial parts of overall comfort, safety is one of the priorities in Mazda’s vehicles. So, the crossover will come with a smart brake support for speeds up to 19 mph. This is a great feature for a city ride. In the standard offer, buyers will find blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert. Rearview camera is also available across all trim levels. For better safety, drivers can add backup sensors and lane departure warning through optional packages and other models of CX-9.

2019 Mazda CX-9 Trim Levels

Besides the base option, which will be Sport trim, 2019 Mazda CX-9 will keep all other levels. That means Touring and Grand Touring are mid-level SUVs. These will offer more options and equipment than the Sport trim. Notable accessories are power-adjustable front seats, larger touch-screen display, and 12 speakers for the audio system. Top of the class model is Mazda CX-9 Signature. Nappa leather and LED lighting will push the overall impression closer to the luxury segment. Navigation is standard in the Signature crossover.

How to Update Mazda CX-9 Navigation?

Update of the navigation system on the Mazda CX-9 is easy. All data is on the website, in Mazda Connect section. Owners of CX-9 can download and update of their maps and save files on the SD card. Mazda Toolbox app will recognize and update the navigation.

2019 Mazda CX-9 side

2019 Mazda CX-9 Engine and Specs

If you are looking for a powerful crossover, the 2019 Mazda CX-9 is not the one that will meet requirements. Its 4-cylinder unit is a good performer, but other mid-size crossovers come with V-6 and V-8 units. Even turbocharged, CX-9 SUV can’t compete with them. However, Mazda’s choice is good for 230 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. With 93 octane fuel, the crossover can deliver 250 hp. A 6-speed automatic transmission routes power to wheels. It is up to buyers to pick up front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Towing capacity

Since it will use the same inline-4 powertrain, no significant improvement is expected on towing capacity. So, the 2019 Mazda CX-9 will remain one of the least capable SUV for a tow. Its figures are going to be around 3,500 lbs. It is 1,500 pounds less from direct competitors Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. Absolute supremacy in this class has Dodge Durango with 7,400 pounds of max towing capacity.

2019 Mazda CX-9 Diesel

The 2019 Mazda CX-9 could boost up its numbers with a diesel engine. In Japan, we can see CX-8 instead of CX-9. Recently, this SUV got a diesel unit. A 2.2-liter powertrain will get a support from turbocharger for a better output. Mazda announced that drivetrain is capable to deliver 190 horses and 330 lb-ft of torque. There was no word about adding this engine to CX-9, but we believe that could be the next step. Although we couldn’t see towing capacity predictions, diesel unit should boost overall record.

2019 Mazda CX-9 interior

2019 Mazda CX-9 Release Date and Price

A mid-size class of crossover segment is growing every day. It is not so popular as a compact class, but companies are ruthless in the battle for market share. Whatsoever, true winners of this competition should be buyers. Better offer and lower prices are what it brings.

Mazda CX-9 is more expensive than Pilot, Highlander, and Durango. However, it still ranks well thanks to reliability and capability. However, the 2019 Mazda CX-9 shouldn’t raise the price from the current level. Other companies will probably do it, so all 3-row mid-size SUVs will cost around $33,000. More details will be known after the premiere of the crossover, which is expected in second half of 2018.

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