2020 Lincoln Navigator Price, Black Label, Changes

The upcoming seasons will be pretty busy for Lincoln. Ford’s premium branch is updating its crossover and SUV lineup. After they released Aviator, the Lincoln announced they will rename existing MK- nomenclature. So, we are getting Nautilus instead of MKX, and Corsair as a substitute for MKC. While the market in 2019 will be full of Lincoln novelties, one name remains the flagship model and wait for the next season to shine. It is a 2020 Lincoln Navigator.

After the launching of the new generation in 2018, this will be the first update of the legendary SUV. Well, we don’t expect too much. Reorganization of features across three trim levels and few small cosmetic updates will be enough for this facelift. What’s more, the Black Label could get new themes. And the new price as well. The greatest addition could be a hybrid model. Ford is considering this kind of powertrain for both its full-size SUVs – Expedition, and its premium sibling, Lincoln Navigator.

However, the competition is growing. Ford and Lincoln should be worried about recent moves by GM. Chevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade are moving to the new independent rear suspension. Also, Lexus LX could bring a hybrid drivetrain as well to spoil the party. All in all, fans of the full-size premium segment can expect an interesting season in this class.

2020 Lincoln Navigator reserve

2020 Lincoln Navigator Engine, Specs, Towing Capacity

The powertrain of the 2020 Lincoln Navigator remains a high-output 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost mill. The same drivetrain we will find in some other full-size vehicles by Ford. Well, when it can make 450 hp and 510 pound-feet of torque, there is no need for upgrades. This huge SUV also returns respectable fuel economy. It can go 16/23 mpg in 4×2 drive mode. It is a default setup. Of course, 4WD will consume more fuel. Power goes through a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

One of the vehicles that share architecture with Navigator is Ford F-150. While the truck is getting a diesel engine, there are no words about this engine becoming a part of Lincoln’s offer.

With diesel, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator could raise the bar for towing. This is already the most capable luxury SUVs when we take the towing capacity. With 8,700 pounds, it leads the class ahead of Dodge Durango SRT and GMC Yukon Denali.

Is Hybrid Engine Ready for 2020 Lincoln Navigator?

For has a huge plan of electrification. They are ready to invest big. By 2030 all their vehicles will get hybrid and electric drivetrains. And the entire process should start by turning few flagship models into hybrids. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is on that list with F-150 truck and Mustang. Well, since it shares the engine with the Ford Expedition, the non-luxury version will get the same setup.

The US carmaker could hybridize the existing V6 engine. However, the vehicles will lose some power and towing capabilities, but its fuel economy would grow. Also, a PHEV model is an option, but the most likely outcome will be a mild-hybrid unit. In this case, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator will get a small support from electric batteries. Power remains the same, fuel economy gains 2-3 mpg.

2020 Lincoln Navigator specs

2020 Lincoln Navigator Configurations

There are for starting configurations for the 2020 Lincoln Navigator. The entry-level models will appear as Base. LED head- and taillights are standard for this one, as well as over 60 more features. A package that adds 20 more accessories is a mid-size Select trim. Premium audio system and improved voice controls are added. Panoramic moonroof, bi-functional lights, and huge touchscreen are highlights of the high-end Reserve configuration.

2020 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Price and Interior

Top of the range remains the 2020 Lincoln Navigator Black Label model. This is a $100,000 SUV that will bring unique styling, features, and driving experience. At its first appearance, the Black Label package brought three interior themes. The level of luxury of these suites was incredible, and the reason why Lincoln is planning to make new for 2020 Navigator. We still don’t know which will be there but expect unexpected. With upgrades, the new Black Label could get a six-digit price tag.

2020 Lincoln Navigator black label

2020 Lincoln Navigator vs Cadillac Escalade

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator will find a rival in Cadillac Escalade. Well, it is familiar for a while. While we tried to sort up the pros and cons of each three-row SUV, we found many similarities. The body-on-frame platform, extended models, and the price are not going to make differences for buyers. The same end price and warranty neither. At this moment, we still expect the next-gen Escalade. When it happens, it will take advantage over its archrival. Until these are only rumors, Navigator is more modern.

Read a full review about the 2020 Cadillac Escalade.

Lincoln also offers more powerful engine and better towing capacity, although Cadillac installs a V8. Another advantage of the Navigator is interior space and layout. Also, since it is still fresh, it brings the latest features. All this says that Cadillac needs to step up and launch the new generation, although the latest one dates from 2015.

2020 Lincoln Navigator Debut and Price

The new 2020 Lincoln Navigator is not coming so soon. We expect it to arrive late in 2019. By then, the company is going to prepare all additional themes for the Black Label version. Also, we need to give engineers some time to test the new hybrid engine. It is still not confirmed, so we could see it for 2021 Navigator.

The base price should remain the same. There are no big upgrades for the entry-level model. Upper trims will also come with a similar cost. Only 2020 Lincoln Navigator Black Label with new packages will add a few thousand to the current value. That means the new SUV could exceed $100,000.

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  1. scarlet g Lanier says:

    the new Lincoln Navigator Black Label is outstanding. but out of my price range.
    I drove a Lincoln Town Car for Years and loved it…..easy to drive easy to take care of…….divorced and got a new one in the settlement. then a young man hit me and totaled it. I then went with a less expensive vehicle. But would love owning and driving one again. wonderful vehicle.

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