The Final Edition For Lincoln MKC

The last run under this name. After the 2020 Lincoln MKC, the compact SUV will suffer a big redesign and name change. The company already presented the Corsair concept, first spy photos are there, and the production of MKC replacement will start in 2021. So, the company will use the final edition to test new technologies for the upcoming Corsair crossover.

Compared to the current model, there won’t be big changes. Engines are the same, as well as trim levels. New features are going to be added to some upper versions. It is rumored that Lincoln Corsair will use PHEV technology. We doubt that MKC is going to get this kind of powertrain before its successor.

Ford already started a renaming process in its luxury segment. Actually, MKC is the final piece of the puzzle, since there won’t be any other MK- nomenclature after it becomes Corsair. Before the compact SUV, MKX became Nautilus, and MKT is also in the books with the Aviator model taking a position in the mid-size segment. The flagship models and a star of Lincoln SUV lineup is legendary Navigator.

2020 lincoln mkc black label

2020 Lincoln MKC Engines, No Plug-In Hybrid

Under the bonnet of the 2020 Lincoln MKC, we will see a pair of turbo engines. The base models are coming with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit that can deliver 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. The front-wheel drive system is getting power through a six-speed gearbox. Although it is automatic, steering-wheel paddle shifters are allowing a driver to switch gears. AWD is optional. Fuel economy of this engine is 20/27 mpg for city/highway.

The other option is a 2.3-liter four-pot mill that sends power exclusively to all wheels. Buyers will get 40 ponies and 30 pound-feet more from this engine. The powertrain uses the same transmission with paddle shifters mounted on steering wheel. A larger displacement returns the same miles per gallon ratio as a 2.0-liter unit with AWD – 19/25 mpg. Still, it can tow more. With 2.3-liter engine, the 2020 Lincoln MKC will have a towing capacity of 4,500 pounds.

We can see prototypes of the Lincoln Corsair with heavy camouflage. However, spy shots caught an important detail about the new engine. Opening above front driver’s wheel is definitely showing a plug-in hybrid model is being tested. However, this is going to be the major addition for the next season and the system is not debuting in 2020 MKC. That is for sure.

2020 lincoln mkc specs

2020 Lincoln MKC Trim Levels, Features

The 2020 Lincoln MKC will continue to use the same levels of equipment. That means the offer starts with the base model, and buyers can also pick Select or Reserve packages. Top of the class SUV remains the Black Label. A well-known suite of features brings unique upgrades for all vehicles where it appears.

Standard offer includes heated front seats and advanced infotainment features, such as satellite radio, fast-charging USB ports, sensors and cameras for parking aid… The Select model will add leather accents and 12-way power seats. The infotainment system is upgraded to Sync 3. Reserve is adding everything two lower-tier models are not offering. Ventilating for front seats, navigation, and moonroof are the most notable changes. If you like smartphone gadgets, MyLincoln is the right thing for you. Unlock and start your 2020 Lincoln MKC with your device in few clicks/touches.

Besides the standard equipment, buyers can always add a specific feature or a suite of items to their ride. Besides all-wheel drive, there are also larger wheels (19 and 20 inches). Inside, premium audio system with 14 speakers or climate package for rear seats are optional. Tech package will add lane departure warning or parking assist sensors.

2020 lincoln mkc interior

2020 Lincoln MKC Black Label

Every Black Label model carries a special and unique set of features for every Lincoln vehicle. So it is with the MKC SUV. It will add extra comfort, safety, entertaining… well, everything. The unique styling of the interior presents a lot of leather and red accents. Wooden and aluminum details are breathtaking and these are showing all the luxury of the Black Label badge. Part of the Black Label purchase is membership in Lincoln, which will give you free washes and dinners in some restaurants.

2020 Lincoln MKC Future

Well, the next season will be final for the MKC nameplate. There is no way back since the company decided to leave the MK- nomenclature and replace it with more conventional names. However, we can talk about future MKC, but as Corsair. It will succeed everything its predecessor built since 2013 and its first edition. Ford and Lincoln’s chiefs agreed that MK names for crossovers and SUVs are confusing, so we are seeing the ends of MKT, MKX, and now, MKC. But, this end is just a new beginning.

2020 Lincoln MKC Prices

The entry-level SUV will cost $35,000. For Select trim level, buyers must add around $3,000 and the Reserve model’s price is over $41,000. The 2020 Lincoln MKC Black Label is coming with unique upgrades and the price that shows all the luxury that is waiting for you. The cost of this model is over $48,000.

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