The New Luxury SUV 2019 Lexus UX – Full Review

The 2019 Lexus UX is the new smallest crossover in the luxurious Toyota’s branch. Slotted under the NX, this lineup will complete the range of SUVs but this premium carmaker. Its bigger siblings are RX, GX, and LX. As every other, the Lexus UX will come with a hybrid engine. However, it will be the alternative to the conventional petrol drivetrain. The future is in hybrid and electric cars, and the luxury segment is short of these. Lexus is ready for the electric takeover.

The price and specs of the brand-new 2019 Lexus UX are not unveiled yet. These are main details all fans want to know. Dimensions are predictable since the UX goes to subcompact class. The crossover is getting a hybrid drivetrain for the 250h model. The release date will happen before the end of 2019, and it is possible to see the SUV in the summer.

2019 Lexus UX front

2019 Lexus UX Specs

Under the hood of the new 2019 Lexus UX is a 2.0-liter four-pot unit with the capability to produce 170 hp. With such output, the new SUV will be a direct competition to Honda C-HR in the subcompact class. The drivetrain distributes power to two or all wheels. As the router, the UX is going to use a CVT transmission.

2019 Lexus UX 250h Hybrid Drivetrain

We already know about RX 350h and NX 300 hybrids. Bigger crossovers GX and LX don’t offer electric support to its petrol variants. The subcompact 2019 Lexus UX will have a 250h model. It will use the same gasoline unit. The electric motor is on the rear axle, which means we are getting an all-wheel drive model. The total output of the hybrid SUV is 276 horses.

Gas Mileage

The company is still hiding details about the consumption. The 2019 Lexus UX is definitely going to be fuel-friendlier than NX. That means the new crossover will probably reach 30 mpg for a highway drive. Also, its hybrid will boost both urban and highway fuel economy to 35 mpg.

2019 Lexus UX rear

2019 Lexus UX Dimensions and Styling

The size of the 2019 Lexus UX is unknown yet. But, being a part of the subcompact segment can unveil approximate values. Also, the platform is the same as for its rival, Toyota C-HR, so dimensions of the UX could be predictable. Experts are pretty sure that the SUV is going to be 177 inches long and about 104 inches goes for wheelbase. The low position and big wheels are giving the impression of an aggressive model. Well, most enthusiasts probably expected to see 17-inch wheels, but the Lexus installs 18-inchers. Also, from the first images, we can see that UX will bring some other design solutions we can’t find on other models. Well, for now. Lexus made a breakthrough with its distinctive grille. The concept is the same for 2019 Lexus UX, but it modifies and modernizes this recognizable part of every new model from this company.


Besides the updates of the exterior, the new 2019 Lexus UX is packing the cabin with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although it is the compact crossover, it can be proud of its offer. Big infotainment screen founds enough room on the dashboard. Gauges and the entire control panel will get a look we can’t see on RX or LX. Well, storage area is not as generous as for its bigger siblings. However, passengers will have enough leg- and headroom. Thanks to the adjustable seats, the new Lexus UX will be very cozy.

2019 Lexus UX interior

2019 Lexus UX F Sport

There are no details about the 2019 Lexus UX F Sport model, but hints from the company are indicating this version is not going to come too late. Shortly after the release of the regular and hybrid model, we will see the most exciting trim level – F Sport. Nevertheless, fans can expect unique features, especially inside the crossover. Also, exterior revisit will make the SUV more appealing. Spoilers, special bumpers and headlights, maybe sunroof and exhaust tips will make the compact UX as fun as other F Sport models by Lexus.

2019 Lexus UX Price

The carmaker is waiting for the 2019 Lexus UX release date to unveil many details – cargo volume, gas mileage, and of course, price. But, as for other segments, we can also predict the cost of the crossover. Since it is smaller than Lexus NX, the UX is going to be cheaper. We believe a saving of $5,000 will lure buyers to smaller vehicle. That means fans can expect the 2019 Lexus UX around $32,000. For 250h hybrid, potential buyers will have to add $2,000. The F Sport will top the range with a price sticker over $40,000.

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