2020 Range Rover Sport Will Use the New MLA Platform

The all-new 2020 Range Rover Sport is going to be one f the most versatile crossover SUV in the market. This premium model already offers plenty of options for configurations. But, the new shape Range Rover Sport 2020 and a plug-in hybrid P400e are boosting the impression. Next generation is possible, but the company needs to confirm this yet. We are sure that the Autobiography model is coming back, even if redesign or fully new generation take part.

The 2020 Range Rover Sport will be again pretty much the same vehicle as Range Rover, only smaller. These two share a lot of things in common, including the platform and engines. However, the Sport model is shorter and can’t take as much cargo as the base SUV. On the other handling is not suffering, which is a surprise.

2020 Range Rover Sport SVR

Wide Choice of Engines

The 2020 Range Rover Sport will keep all its current drivetrains. Well, there are three units with five total different setups. The base model is going to be Range Rover Sport 2020 with a V6 unit that can deliver 340 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. The supercharged engine is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This gearbox is a power router for the entire Range Rover Sport lineup. Also, 4×4 is the only available setup for this nameplate.

The same 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine is offering more power for higher trim levels. It adds 40 hp for a total output of 380 horsepower. Torque gets a minor boost. On the other hand, the fuel economy for these two V6 setups is the same


The 2020 Range Rover Sport diesel is adding more torque for an off-road fun. The turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 unit is capable to produce 255 hp and 450 lb-ft of twisting power. It uses the same transmission and 4WD system. However, the boost in fuel economy is significant, since the diesel returns 25 mpg combined. Petrol V6 engines can do 20-21 mpg, while the supercharged V8 mill is the huge consumer with a combined rating under 17 mpg.

2020 Range Rover Sport interior

2020 Range Rover Sport V8 Powertrains

Top models of the 2020 Range Rover Sport are coming with a V8 engine. These are Autobiography and SVR. As for the entry-level SUVs, here we can find the same 5.0-liter engine tuned to create more or less power. All versions are using superchargers, an eight-pace automatic gearbox, and four-wheel drive. Downsized models are getting 520 hp / 460 lb-ft of torque from its V8. An SVR is top of the class model which could reach 600 hp for the next edition. Currently, it sits at 575 hp.

2020 Range Rover Sport P400e Hybrid

After its bigger sibling, the Sport model is getting a P400e plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The company is going to electrify its entire range as soon as possible. However, it is not so simple, so the entire process will last for a couple of years. Also, Land Rover is following modern trends, since Toyota and Ford are already making first moves. But, we can see Toyota Highlander Hybrid and hear rumors about Ford Explorer hybrid, but gossips about PHEV SUVs are very shy.

The 2020 Range Rover Sport P400e hybrid would use the same system as the Range Rover SUV. It is a 2.0-liter supercharged engine in combination with a lithium-ion battery. The electric power generates 13.1 kW to offer support to a four-cylinder petrol unit.

The new Range Rover Sport 2020 can count on 400 horsepower and 472 lb-ft of torque. By using electric power only, the range of the SUV is going to be around 31 miles. The electrically-boosted system is pretty capable since the company makes fans sure the Range Rover Sport P400e will sprint to 60 mph in 6 seconds. Also, the maximum speed of an electric SUV will be 137 mph.

2020 Range Rover Sport PHEV

2020 Range Rover Sport New Shape, New Concept

The all-new 2020 Range Rover Sport is going to use the new platform. From the next edition, the SUV will be built on the Modular Longitudinal Architecture. This will make the vehicle lighter. Fuel economy improvements and smoother handling are two main things coming with it. However, it will also present the new look of the Range Rover Sport SUV. Finally, the new architecture allows the model to adopt the new electric drivetrain. Details about the MLA concept are not available, but it will definitely replace the current D7u platform during 2020 and 2021.

2020 Range Rover Sport SVR and Autobiography Configurations

With so many engines in the offer, it is easy to configure 2020 Range Rover Sport. The SUV also presents new features, options, and modifies styling with each configuration. At the top of the range are Autobiography and SVR models. These two are using supercharged V8 engines. Well, 2020 Range Rover Sport Autobiography could share its setup with Range Rover Sport Supercharged SUV, if it appears for next season. Also, there are unique visual and cosmetic upgrades which are taking the next level for 2020 model. The same is with the Range Rover Sport SVR. There are no details about styling, but its power could exceed 600 hp thanks to the Modular Longitudinal Architecture.

2020 Range Rover Sport p400e

2020 Range Rover Sport Release Date, Future

Fans are eagerly expecting any official info about the 2020 Range Rover Sport. Ever since the company announced a new platform and plug-in hybrid, we are trying to figure out other plans for this model. Definitely, more information will be available during 2019 when we can expect first test mules on the streets. These vehicles could unveil the new shape of the Range Rover Sport and its configurations. Whatsoever, the vehicle is not debuting any time soon, so the release date is not before the second part of the next year.

Land Rover will focus on electric powertrains and its P400e system. After a successful stint with Range Rover, it will take place in other Land Rover and Range Rover crossovers and SUVs. By 2023 all models will get such or similar drivetrain. The British company is also developing the Road Rover all-electric platform. Having this in mind, in foreseeable future we will see an EV model as well. However, the luxury SUV is already expensive, and these innovations will make prices even higher. The SVR configuration costs over $100,000.

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