2020 Honda Pilot Changes and Plug-in Hybrid Details

Pilot SUV became the flagship model with the grows of SUV segment. Honda is treating it as the main nameplate in the lineup, so soon after the big redesign came out, we will see the first changes. The facelift on the 2019 year model brought significant changes. But, the 2020 Honda Pilot is being prepared for new surprises.

First of all, the 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid could be the major addition. It’s been a while since speculations about this model started. Although we expected it in 2019 model, it is not likely to happen. Cosmetic changes inside the cabin will bring more comfort and convenience. Outside there won’t be significant modifications. The Pilot will be still able to accommodate up to eight passengers. Petrol engine remains the same.

2020 Honda Pilot facelift

What Will The 2020 Honda Pilot Look Like?

The facelift on the 2019 model presented a new look of the Pilot SUV. However, the platform it uses is the same. So, dimensions are similar, and there is room for eight persons. But, the Japanese carmaker will update the infotainment system for 2020 Honda Pilot. HondaLink system is always bringing modern features. The Pilot is offering both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay services. Be sure that 2020 edition will add something new.


There won’t be notable changes on the exterior of the 2020 Honda Pilot. After the facelift for the 2019 model, designers will focus more on the interior and accessories inside the cabin. So, only minor cosmetic changes could be applied, such as badging and other details.


As well as the exterior, the interior is not bringing radical modifications. Current model offers captain chair only for high-end Elite and Touring trims. It could become standard right from the entry-level model. Three rows of seats offer plenty of space for eight passengers. Well, the rear bench is not so generous with legroom, so it is suitable for children.


The segment where we can say the Honda put the most effort is safety. These systems are now more reliable. There are also more features that will make you feel safer in the SUV. The 2020 Honda Pilot will carry over most of them while adding some new.

The major change was making the most extra safety options standard. For example, the adaptive cruise control and emergency braking are now available for the base 2020 Honda Pilot. With new features for the next edition, the SUV is going to achieve maximum safety ratings, again.

2020 Honda Pilot interior

2020 Honda Pilot Trim Levels

The versatility for the 2020 Honda Pilot comes with five possible standard options of the vehicle. The entry-level trim is LX. Buyers can upgrade it with EX and EX-L. Top of the class is reserved again for Touring and Elite models. It won’t be a surprise if Honda launches the special trim for 2020 Pilot. Well, we expect a hybrid drivetrain, so this version will definitely launch some unique features and packages. But, some kind of a Limited or Sport Edition for the upcoming SUV could refresh the lineup and keep fans’ attention.

2020 Honda Pilot Sport and Elite

The 2020 Honda Pilot Elite will be top of the range model once again. Buyers can find mostly everything from lower trim levels, including Touring, with the addition of some features. For example, the Elite version of Pilot SUV will have a panoramic moonroof and captain chairs for the second row. Also, this version of the SUV can take seven passengers, not eight.

Some of Honda’s models have Sport trim level in the offer. This is one of the possibilities for the flagship SUV. We still don’t have all the info about it. But, the 2020 Honda Pilot Sport would definitely boost the drive impression. Sportier tuning of suspension and shocks are going to improve handling and cornering.

2020 Honda Pilot Engine, Specs, MPG

Under the hood of the 2020 Honda Pilot will be the same old reliable 3.5-liter engine. The V-6 is capable to produce 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. Engineers are going with the same setups for it. Buyers are choosing between the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive system. Also, another option will be between six- and nine-speed automatic transmission. Well, the second one is not available through all trim levels. The best fuel economy comes from the base setup that includes a 9-speed transmission and FWD. In that case, Pilot SUV returns 20/27 mpg. With a 6-speed case, the city mileage drops for 1 mpg.

2020 Honda Pilot spied

2020 Honda Pilot Plug-In Hybrid

Hybrid or a plug-in model, that is the question. We expected one of these systems before the 2020 Honda Pilot. But, it seems like that electric support for the petrol drivetrain is not coming so soon. Honda will probably mate the base engine with electric motors to provide better fuel economy. Also, the power output could go over 300 horses.

A 2020 Honda Pilot plug-in hybrid is something new we can hear. The company is considering to add this version instead of a hybrid. It will speed up the process of entire electrification of the mid-size SUV. But, we will have to wait for a few more years before we see a Pilot EV. Meanwhile, we would like to get PHEV as soon as possible.

When Is 2020 Honda Pilot Coming Out?

The Japanese company is not going to rush with the new 2020 Honda Pilot. It will give some time to the current edition to show off. Also, bosses will listen carefully to critics and feedbacks. These will be clear signs where to make improvements.


The starting cost of the 2020 Honda Pilot is not going to be changed compared to its predecessor. That means the SUV will be available from $33,000 for the base LX model. Whatsoever, the higher trim levels are about to get some updates in their packages, so the price could go up and down. Possible Sport and Limited editions will be somewhere between Touring and Elite model. Top of the range vehicle is going to cost $50,000 without upgrades.

We still don’t know what kind of hybrid the 2020 Honda Pilot will use. The price will depend on classic or plug-in version. The other one is more expensive to develop. So, its cost tag could start from $45,000, or even $50k.

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