2020 Honda Passport Fuel Economy, AWD, Colors

After years of speculation about its comeback, Honda re-launched the Passport SUV. It takes the position in the mid-size segment. Compared to the Honda Pilot, it is a shorter model. The 2020 Honda Passport is also standing higher, which means more space under the body for an off-road drive. Colors for the new model will be updated, while price, specs, and fuel economy numbers remain the same. The next 2020 Passport could also bring the hybrid drivetrain, which will be the major upgrade for the next season.

With the comeback edition launched as 2019 season model, we are not expecting big updates on the 2020 Honda Passport. Well, additional trim level and some other interior features could refresh the lineup for the next edition. Passport is taking the position (both size and price) between a seven-seater Pilot and compact CR-V crossover. The starting price is $32,000 while the top of the range models cost above $45,000.

2020 Honda Passport AWD

Engine Specs, AWD, Fuel Economy

A 3.5 V6 engine is a power source for the new 2020 Honda Passport. This unit is creating 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque as one of the most reliable drivetrains in Honda’s lineup. But, many experts believe the new Passport could get a four-cylinder engine in the future. Until that happens, a V6 remains the only choice. A nine-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, while the AWD model boosts the driving impression. Fuel economy of the SUV remains 19/24 mpg for AWD, and 20/25 mpg for FWD setup. Towing capacity of the 2020 Passport is 5,000 pounds.


The 2020 Honda Passport Hybrid is the next rumor we can hear. Well, this story is not so unlikely to happen, since the company confirmed the new Pilot will get such configuration. Well, spokesmen are still quiet about specs and performance of the upcoming hybrid. It will probably use a four-cylinder engine as the base. Electric batteries will boost the fuel economy above 30 mpg. Specs sheet won’t deliver as much power as V6.

2020 Honda Passport Ground Clearance and off-Road Capabilities

The new 2020 Honda Passport is smaller than Pilot, but it comes with 1 inch of extra ground clearance. That will leave some room under the body for the enhanced off-road impression. Well, the company could add some features to make this SUV a true all-terrain model. An AWD is tuned for the on-road performance. According to first impressions, this is the highlight of the Passport. The same system will get a different configuration if the SUV plans to improve its off-road capabilities.

2020 Honda Passport interior

2020 Honda Passport vs Honda Pilot

Let’s compare two mid-size SUVs produced by the same company. First of all, the 2020 Honda Passport is smaller and offers to seat for five persons. Pilot adds the third row. Two models will use the same engine, for now. If hybrid comes out, again, Pilot and Passport are getting the equal configuration.

The major difference between these two is in design. Up front, hood and grille shape are similar. Headlights, fog lights position, and bumper are differences. More transformation we will see on the rear end. The design of taillights for the 2020 Honda Passport is unique, while this SUV also gets a backup lamp in the bumper. For the Pilot, these are part of the rear lights.

Cargo space is, of course, better for the larger model. The Pilot will offer 16 cubic feet with third row up, 47 cu-ft behind the second row, and 84 cubic feet behind front seats. On the other hand, shorter Passport comes with 41 cubic feet of cargo space. If you fold the second row, the capacity raises to 78 cu-ft.


2020 Honda Passport cargo space


For the next season, the Japanese company will refresh the color palette for its new SUV. Currently, Black Copper is the only paint that Passport has and Pilot doesn’t. Next season, Honda could offer one or two more paintjobs. Inside, black is the only trim, and buyers will choose either cloth or leather via trim levels. Gray leather is available for the Elite model.

2020 Honda Passport Prices

Interesting, the 2020 Honda Passport will be smaller than Pilot, but its initial price is above its sibling. Sport model is the entry-level unit with an MSRP of $32,000. That is $500 more than Pilot LX. EX-L is the next trim, and it costs nearly 6 grand more than the base one. For the Touring model, you will have to pay $40k, and top of the line version is Elite. Compared to its closest stablemate, this model is $5,000 cheaper and it costs $44,000.

Honda is not going to rush with the new edition of its crossover SUV. Minor updates will come quietly. The only arrival of the hybrid engine could make a strong impact. The main rivals for this vehicle will be Ford Edge and Nissan Murano.

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