2020 Honda Element Release Date, Hybrid, MPG

The design of the Honda Element is one of the most distinctive ever in the crossover/SUV segment. The new model is bringing many changes. But, the highlight of the 2020 Honda Element will definitely be the boxy shape. Still, the new vehicle must go through numerous updates to keep up with the competition. Sorry old Element’s fans – the ride will be probably smaller, and Honda is not bringing back original ground clearance. Well, we are a fan of this as well, but it is what it is.

The latest rumors are saying the return could happen in 2019, but it will probably be the model for 2020 season. The crossover SUV was discontinued in 2011. During the 10-year market appearance, Element gained a lot of fans. Well, the Japanese company is about to make it meaner, with more hi-tech features, to draw the attention of younger buyers. Previous owners that are waiting for the comeback to purchase a new ride are somehow disappointed by this news.

2020 Honda Element release date

2020 Honda Element Changes – Pros and Cons

The new 2020 Honda Element will come back to the US after nearly ten years. Meanwhile, a lot of things have changed. Well, the crossover SUV evolved during its production and most fans didn’t like modifications. But now, it seems like that Honda is going to modernize the Element again.

For example, the new 2020 Honda Element should be a subcompact model. That means less space inside. The layout and legroom created a comfortable cockpit. Now, by shredding the space, the new 2020 Element won’t be too generous to your legs. The first generation of the crossover offered 7 inches of ground clearance. The new one will drop it to around 6 inches, making it less capable for an off-road ride. If you need more space beneath your crossover, Honda HR-V offers 7 or 8 inches. By listening to these rumors, fans, and owners of the previous edition called the Japanese designer not to do this. According to comments on the internet, the new 2020 Honda Element should improve only a few things – fuel economy, seating comfort for 5th seat, and AWD model should be available.

2020 Honda Element interior

2020 Honda Element Hybrid USA Release Date

Honda HR-V is the current vehicle is the subcompact crossover class. It offers a hybrid variant, which is not available yet in the USA. Well, it seems like the Japanese company is not bringing it overseas. New plans are showing an intention to make a new subcompact model with a new engine. It would be the 2020 Honda Element Hybrid. This one will be the US electrically-supported model. The mileage of this unit will top most of the rivals. HR-V returns up to 34 mpg from its 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. The new subcompact Element is going to beat this. A hybrid version of the vehicle will return at least 35 mpg combined.

Another important update in the drivetrain section is an AWD. Previous versions offered only a two-wheel drive. Now, subcompact models are usually not sending power to all corners, but that could be the advantage of the 2020 Honda Element. On the other hand, it is going to harm the mpg rating, and the Japanese company plans to make the new vehicle one of the leaders in the segment. Well, there are also benefits of the AWD – better balance and traction in the first place.

2020 Honda Element hybrid

2020 Honda Element Engine

Again, we will mention the specs of the previous edition of the Honda Element. It was a 2.4-liter inline-four unit with the capability to produce 165 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque. That fits the compact segment nowadays, but the Japanese engineers will probably go with a lighter powertrain for the subcompact model. In that case, it could be a 1.8-liter engine the HR-V is using, or a 2.0 mill from one of the past models. The result should be lower consumption, but the power and torque levels as well. The good thing is these engines could be paired with a manual gearbox. These are positive rumors for fans of the crossover SUV and an old-school drive.

2020 Honda Element Release Date and Price Rumors

Ever since the discontinuation in 2011, this vehicle is on the wishlist of its fans. Still, there is no official info about its comeback. But, recent rumors are proving there are strong indications from the company that 2020 Honda Element will be available, especially with the whole industry going towards electrification. The hybrid engine is a key here and it can unlock the door of the Element’s return.

Another thing why this crossover was so attractive was its price. Even after a couple of years, owners of the Element could get a good value for resell. With the cost under $20,000, this vehicle will definitely draw attention. Maintenance cost is not high, and we can expect a good warranty deal by Honda.

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