2020 Honda CR-V Spy Photos, Changes, Release Date

First images of the new 2020 Honda CR-V are out. Well, spy photos are not unveiling too much thanks to the heavy camo. But still, we managed to find out few changes the new model will bring. Most of them are related to a hybrid version. European buyers will have it in offer already in 2019, and US fans are getting this model as 2020 CR-V Hybrid. Besides that, Honda will update trim levels and packages.

Besides the update of the engine room, the new 2020 Honda CR-V will also revisit the interior and exterior. Well, the new generation is still fresh and doesn’t need major changes. But, to keep the pace with growing competition, Honda must add few things to infotainment system with every new model. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services are always the safe bet, as well as other connectivity accessories. Outside, new colors are the best thing to start with. Details of minor updates for front and rear fascia will be recognized only by true CR-V’s fans. Finally, the safety is getting more features, making the overall protection at the highest level.

2020 Honda CR-V AWD

Hybrid Engine Will be Ready for US Salons

Besides the standard offer and specs (we will discuss these drivetrains later), the highlight of the upcoming crossover will be the arrival of the hybrid drivetrain. After many speculations, it came to Europe. After more tuning and modifications, the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid will go overseas. It is a bit strange that Europe is getting something special before the United States. But, Honda treats all its buyers equally and launched CR-V Hybrid first where the demand was higher.

Whatsoever, the main thing the vehicle is coming to the US in 2020 with these specs.

Displacement: 2.0-litre four-cylinder + 1 kW electric battery

Power output: 181 hp

Torque: 130 pound-feet

Fuel economy: 44 mpg combined FWD, 42 mpg combined AWD

0-60 mph time: 8.8 seconds FWD, 9.2 seconds AWD

Max speed: 112 mph

2020 Honda CR-V hybrid

2020 Honda CR-V Specifications

While we are waiting for the hybrid to appear, the 2020 Honda CR-V will use a 2.4-l and 1.5-l turbo engines. A standard offer includes an inline-four drivetrain with the capability to produce 184 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. A CVT transmission is standard and Honda is going to improve Sport mode for better response. The same features are available for other option – a 1.5-liter turbo-four petrol engine. This powertrain will add 6 hp but creates less torque (179 lb-ft total). When we compare the gas mileage, the turbocharged unit is returning 2 miles per gallon more than the naturally-aspirated engine. The new 2020 CR-V will offer 30 mpg combined for FWD, and turbo comes up with 31 mpg combined in all-wheel drive.

Hybrid Kills Chances For CR-V Diesel

There were some rumors talking about the 2020 Honda CR-V Diesel. But, the appearance of the hybrid engine shows the direction of crossover’s development. The Japanese company chooses to go green and give an advantage to electric drivetrains. Well, the CR-V diesel still has chances to appear in other markets, but we doubt that Honda will invest big into these projects.

2020 Honda CR-V Time For Redesign?

The hybrid model is not going to make Honda redesign the 2020 CR-V. The latest generation of the crossover arrived in 2017 and it is still early to talk about the facelift or bigger changes. Instead, we could see some parts revisited for the base model. Also, the designers will add more features to existing trim packages, including exterior upgrades.

One of the certain changes for the 2020 Honda CR-V will be new colors. We can find six different paints on the existing model, and the Hybrid will definitely get a unique color. Maybe even two or more. Whatsoever, the company announced it for the base model as well, without giving further clues and details.

2020 Honda CR-V interior


The new CR-V will be a compact crossover. It keeps this position ever since its debut more than 20 years ago. However, during that period, the CR-V kept its original dimensions, with a small update for the fifth generation. In 2017, the vehicle came 2 inches longer than before. Extra space allowed designers to make a better interior layout and provide extra space. The 2020 Honda CR-V will use the same platform, which means overall sizes remain equal to the existing model.

Length: 180.6 inches

Wheelbase: 104.7 inches

Width: 73 inches

Height: 66.5 inches

2020 Honda CR-V Configurations

A CR-V LX is going to be an entry-level configuration of the new crossover. Well, the company keeps the entire lineup, with EX and EX-L bringing a mid-range offer and accessories. More features for Honda Sensing safety suite are there, and upper trim from these two is available with leather seats. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now there for the base LX level.

The 2020 Honda CR-V Touring is a high-end model. Satellite navigation and nine-speaker premium audio system are notable upgrades comparing to other versions. Outside, there are special finishes and details all around the crossover. Automatic rain-sensitive wipers and auto on/off LED headlights will improve safety to new levels. A CVT transmission is getting a Sport mode. This feature allows the engine to stay in higher or lower gear longer to boost overall performance.

2020 Honda CR-V safety

When Will 2020 Honda CR-V Be Available?

The release date of the new 2020 Honda CR-V is not set yet. First, the company wants to see how will hybrid perform in the European market. Then, after tuning, it will be ready for the USA. So, everything depends on the new drivetrain and its specs. We believe that fans are not going to wait for it too long since Honda plans to hybridize the Pilot SUV too. Having this and the growing competition in mind, we believe the Japanese company will speed up the entire process, including the development of hybrid and launch date for CR-V.

The base models will keep their prices. Modest additions can’t make the cost jump significantly. However, the base LX trim will stay under $25,000. The EX-L will definitely jump over $30k since the current price is just shy from this mark. Finally, with more options and features, the 2020 Honda CR-V Touring will go up to $35,000.

Hybrid is definitely adding more value. For other similar models in Honda’s family, the same 2.0-liter hybrid engine boosts the price for about $1,500. That is an extra cost buyers will pay for any trim level where a hybrid engine is available.

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