2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid to Arrive Next Season and Rival Toyota Highlander Hybrid

It’s been a while since we could hear first stories about the plug-in Pilot SUV. Now, it becomes the reality. Two-row mid-size crossover class is one of the most popular in the most attractive SUV segment. But, only one of the leaders is hybrid, the Toyota Highlander. It makes all other companies move toward the electrification. The result is near – 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid is on its way.

Honda will redesign Pilot SUV for its next appearance. Most of the body will be the same. However, the major addition is coming for the engine room. The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will draw the attention of the entire segment. After Toyota Highlander, this is the only confirmed plug-in crossover for 2019. Soon, we expect details about the release date of Honda Pilot Hybrid and gas mileage.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid front

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Powertrain

So, what will be under the hood of the new 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid? The base model is using a 3.5-liter V-6. This part is the major strength of the crossover. Unfortunately, it is not going to be a part of the hybrid combination.

It is more likely that Honda will use a different setup, the configuration similar to the one we can find in Accord sedan. This vehicle is using a 2.0-liter petrol engine as the base for hybridization. It is much smaller unit than the 280-hp-rated V-6 we can find on base Pilot. However, the hybrid makes it up with a powerful electric motor. Somehow, it manages to deliver 212 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid engine

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Gas mileage

The good thing is that powerful electric source of energy has enough power to boost gas mileage. For example, Honda Accord is using a 2.0-l turbo-four gasoline engine as the alternative to a 1.5-l base unit. With an automatic transmission, these units can’t return more than 35 mpg.

With a hybrid setup, sedan gains 15 mpg. The magnetic motor is good for 50 mpg in city drive and 48 mpg for highways. Similar boost we can see for 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid. Well, we can’t compare it to a petrol engine, since the SUV is using a V-6. But, due to its size, we doubt that plug-in system can return 50 mpg. However, experts are estimating 45 mpg, which is a significant boost from 20/27 mpg gas mileage of the base SUV.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid interior

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Vs Toyota Highlander Hybrid

This could be the major part of our review. Toyota Highlander is an old-time in this segment. Also, this SUV had the monopoly on this class. However, buyers will now have to compare vehicles, since the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid is not going to be the only rookie in three-row mid-size plug-in section. Dodge Durango could get an electric motor, as well as Nissan Pathfinder.

Highlander is using a 3.5-liter engine in its hybrid. This unit gains only the gas mileage for the city ride. When we compare outputs, there is no other big difference. Hybrid gets about 10 more horses, and highway mpg rating adds just 1 mpg. In urban areas, instead of 17-18 mpg, the Highlander Hybrid returns 30 mpg. So, if 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid meets the expectations we mentioned, it will be much more economical than its major rival. Whatsoever, it still develops 90 ponies less. So, Toyota will either downgrade power to maximize gas mileage, or they will take advantage of the energy outputs of its plug-in hybrid.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid vs Toyota highlander Hybrid

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date, Price

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid is definitely the major model for the next season in company’s SUV segment. So, more attention will be turned to it. Whatsoever, we must not forget the facelift of the base unit. It is important as a hybrid since many features and accessories will be changed. Modifications the petrol model leads to the completely new cabin. Yes, 2019 Pilot Hybrid will have unique details and equipment, but most of the interior will be similar to a standard unit.

So, we can expect to see redesigned crossover and hybrid together at debut. Then, we will have more information about details, pricing, and everything else. To be competitive, the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will cost probably between $35,000-40,000. Its major rival, Toyota Highlander offers its plug-in version for $37,000. Here, as for the standard lineup, we will see few trim levels. Highlander Hybrid can cost $50,000 in some variants, and similar price jump we can expect from 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid.


With such high interest, the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid must not fail. Well, the Japanese carmaker is reliable and it rarely happens. But, this is a new ground for the Pilot. It is one of the most popular mid-size SUVs, but engineers and designers must be careful with this. Hybrid and electric vehicles are slowly overtaking the market, because of their greener nature. All in all, the 2019 Pilot Hybrid will be an excellent test for Honda to test its capabilities in this segment.

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