2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Release Date in US

It is still questionable – which Honda’s SUV will be the first to get a hybrid drivetrain? Two favorites are a compact CR-V and mid-size Pilot. The subcompact HR-V is also an option, as well as the returning Passport. However, the Japanese company will probably decide between its two most popular crossovers. We tip on 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid. The prototype is already there and we are only waiting for the official confirmation for this vehicle.

Pilot might be the flagship model, but the CR-V is the best-selling one. This could be an advantage to get a new drivetrain. The prototype of the 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid has shapes of the standard SUV. At the same time, the design is sporty and elegant. After the refresh, the dimensions are increased, but it is not affecting handling and cornering.

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid side

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Redesign

The 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid will be slightly different than the base model. It is wider and higher than its predecessors. It will increase the weight, but the stability as well. The new hybrid concept presents the revolutionary design with new cues. The highlight of the exterior is wheel arches, which are now bolder and aggressive. The 2019 CR-V Hybrid will combine elegant and sporty elements, to create the aesthetic look. A-pillars are narrower. As the result of this change, we have larger wheels and more room inside the cabin. Sharp lines of the hood improve aerodynamic, while the rear panels bring another dose of elegance. The front fascia is also contributing with new styling. LED lights, bumper, and grille expect a revisit.

Interior and Features

The hybrid vehicle will use most of the features from the standard model. However, this version needs updates for its drivetrain system. So, some accessories are new and unique. But, overall comfort and convenience are the same as we already got used to with petrol CR-V.

Trim levels will start with an LX model and 17-inch wheels as the standard feature. On the other versions, these are bigger. The EX model will bring you the larger infotainment screen and Honda Sensing system. Leather upholstery and power adjustable seats are highlights of the EX-L model. The top of the line 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid model will be Touring. It comes with all the latest features we can find in other vehicles by the Japanese carmaker. Designers are installing smart systems, phone integration services, and navigation.

Honda Sensing

While we are waiting for the Honda Sensing to become standard in every model by the Japanese carmaker, we must purchase additional packages to get it. There is still a slight possibility for this suite to come with the base 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid. If that happens, drivers can rely on the lane keep function and adaptive cruise control. With it, your C-RV hybrid will keep a distance from surrounding vehicles. If happens that you forget to give a signal when changing lanes, the road departure mitigation will adjust steering and braking. Warnings for lane departure and front collision are standard in Honda Sensing suite.

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid rear

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Engine

Honda will use an intelligent i-MMD system for the first edition of CR-V Hybrid. There are two engines. One is conventional, 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol unit. This Atkinson drivetrain comes in a pair with an electric motor. The gasoline drivetrain is there for a drive and for recharging the electric power.

The 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid does not require classic transmission. Instead, there is a brand-new fixed-rated gearbox. With the direct distribution of power from the engine to wheels, drivers will feel the better torque. The advantage of the i-MMD is its self-adjustable usage of the electric power. So, the driver will have a peace of mind, knowing that the system chooses the best option.

Drive Modes

There are three modes available for 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid: EV, Hybrid, and Engine drives. The first one is the pure electric system. The SUV is going to get the power from the electric battery only, emitting zero CO2.

The second mode is a classic hybrid system where petrol unit creates energy to move the electric motor. In this case, there is a surplus of power, that is used for recharging the battery.

The last one, Engine drive mode, is exploiting the gasoline engine only. In the case that this unit needs more power, the electric motor jumps in and boosts output.

When you are out on the highway, this is the best option for 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid setup and i-MMD will recognize it. On the other hand, in urban condition, the crossover will usually use either EV or Hybrid drive.

Honda CR-V Hybrid MPG

The 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid will offer the better mileage and it will be environmental-friendlier than the conventional models. But, its main advantage is less consumption in city drive. We assume the engine will be able to offer 32 or 33 mpg in urban conditions. Outside the city, the 2019 CR-V Hybrid will go over 34 mpg. Well, the SUV will be able to run only on the electric power. Although Honda didn’t come out with numbers, we assume the CR-V will be able to go at least 25 miles before the recharge.

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid i-MMD

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Release Not Confirmed for the USA And Canada

The 2019 CR-V Hybrid is coming to Europe next year. All reports are claiming there is no reason for the delay. On the other hand, the US fans are still waiting for further updates about the status of this model. The major market in the world is the most important for big companies. The 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid must not fail. Also, for North America, Honda will have to make more tuning and fixes before the release date. So, the appearance in Europe will be a kind of testing before the SUV heads over the ocean.

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Price

Experts are already making estimations about the cost of the upcoming 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid. According to reports, we can expect the compact crossover to be $4,000 more expensive than the base unit. That means the price will be just under $30,000. Upper trims also follow this trend, with valuation $4,000-5,000 above the conventional CR-V.

US Release Date

Although many enthusiasts are still skeptical about the appearance in the United States, the 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid could be launched during next year. However, it would be a quick preview of the model we expect to shine in 2020.

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