Ford Escape Is Becoming a Seven-Seat Crossover SUV

The idea sounds crazy and interesting at the same time. But, some rumors have sense. Escape’s rebadged version for Europe, Ford Kuga, is the best-selling crossover SUV overseas. This vehicle is becoming a three-row model. Its first images are showing the crossover with extra seats. But, the three-row compact SUV? Will there be room for all passengers? And what about cargo space? Don’t worry, the company has a solution for the Ford Escape 7-seater.

Big changes in Ford’s lineup are on the way. First of all, the US carmaker is going to build more electric vehicles. Then, the company will drop sedans and hatchbacks very soon. Only Mustang and Focus will remain on the market, with Fusion, Mondeo, and Fiesta being out. Crossovers and SUVs are taking over the large share of the market. So, the company will continue to develop more and more vehicles. They are about to bring back Excursion SUV, based on the F-250 truck.

Ford Escape Seven-Seat SUV

Ford Escape Seven-Seat to Replace Ford Edge

A seven-seat Ford Escape is quite a surprise. According to news, this vehicle is going to replace Ford Edge in the US market. The mid-size is aging, and the next refresh will include rebadging and adding another row of seats. Escape and Edge are using similar platforms and design languages, so this is not impossible to happen. However, a compact crossover with three rows of seats becomes the first such model on the market.

Spy Photos

Ford Escape is a close sibling to the European-based Kuga. With more than 150,000 units sold overseas, this crossover is one of the favorite models in this part of the world. Ford Europe already confirmed that the new Kuga is going to get the third row. What’s more, the first spy photos appeared. On the other hand, the US department is still quiet. News about Kuga made us wondering if there will be Ford Escape seven-seat SUV. Edge is a five-seater. There were plans for upgrades, but now it is unclear if the new three-row SUV is arriving as Edge or Escape.

Ford Escape Seven-Seat SUV release date

Ford Escape Engines, Specs, Hybrid

Under the hood of the Escape is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This one could remain the base version for a three-row model. The drivetrain is capable to produce 170 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. Not a special output, but the next Ford Escape would be a fuel-saving model with this unit. Otherwise, engineers could opt for a 2.0 turbo engine with 250 hp and 270 lb-ft of twist. If we have to make the decision, this powertrain would be the main source of energy for the Escape with seven seats. Also, a regular compact crossover and mid-size Edge are sharing this unit. Front-wheel drive will be standard. Escape is not offering an AWD for a non-turbo model. That is another reason why fans would like to see 2.0 engine.

Rumors about the hybrid drivetrain for Escape and Edge are circulating for a while. Now, when Ford invested big in electrification, this seems to be a legit expectation. With such engine, crossovers and SUVs would be environmental- and fuel-friendlier. Well, this SUV will be ready for the next wave of hybridization the US company plans to start in 2022.

Ford Escape Seven-Seat

Ford Escape Seven-Seat Release Date and Price

The new three-row Ford Escape could be ready for the next season. A big redesign will be part of the mid-cycle update for the new Edge. So, a new model and rebadging could refresh the interest. Ford’s strategies are clear, and we don’t doubt in this company. Before Escape comes out, we will see the new Ford Kuga in Europe. This vehicle could give us more clues about its US sibling. The price of the new crossover SUV will jump a bit because of these modifications and upgrades. The base Edge’s MSRP is $31,000. A seven-seat version will add another grand or two.

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