Will There Be 2020 Ford Flex?

Ford plans to discontinue the full-size Flex SUV. However, we still haven’t heard it from the company directly. Some sources claim this is the info coming from a Canadian department. So, it is questionable if this wagon SUV is going to continue its life in the US and other markets where appears. Well, fans must admit that 20,000 sold units per year are not on their side. On the other hand, only Subaru Outback would have similar appearance and purpose like the 2020 Ford Flex – it is something between wagon and SUV. So, this makes a huge advantage over the competition.

It is not the only rumor about the 2020 Ford Flex. Other sources are saying the new SUV will suffer big changes. These could revive interest in the model. We can even see the second generation of the vehicle, though. As you know, every new edition draws more attention, and Ford could use this trick to make the 2020 Flex more popular. The market performance in the second generation would be decisive for the wagon SUV. If it manages to find the way to hearts of buyers, of course, the Blue Oval company is going to continue its production. Otherwise, claims about the discontinuation will be louder.

2020 Ford Flex redesign

2020 Ford Flex Specs

Whatever happens, the 2020 Ford Flex will continue to use the same engine as the base unit. It is a 3.5-liter V6 powertrain. As a part of the redesign, engineers will probably replace an old 6-speed transmission with the new gearbox. A 10-pace case is waiting ready for challenges coming from this seven-seat SUV. It can provide better fuel economy. Power and torque outputs will remain the same – 287 hp and 255 lb-ft. Fuel economy will get improvements, as well as towing capacity. The 2020 Flex will be able to tow more than 5,000 pounds.

Ford could also replace a twin-turbo model. It uses the same engine, but turbocharges make this version more powerful. Instead of this unit, we could see a diesel or hybrid model. Well, the other one is more likely to happen. The carmaker plans to splash big to make more of its vehicle greener, and 2020 Ford Flex could be one of the first models to get the new drivetrain.

2020 Ford Flex towing capacity

2020 Ford Flex Redesign Could Save the SUV

So, what are the major changes which that will improve chances of the 2020 Ford Flex to survive? The new look comes first to our minds. Well, the wagon SUV is pretty attractive. However, the functionality of the interior is not the strong side. Also, materials used for the body parts are heavy. More aluminum and carbon fiber would make it lighter, more efficient, and maneuverable. Boxy shape is distinguished and the next edition will probably keep this design. Surely, cosmetic touches will make it fresh and more appealing.

Interior of the 2020 Ford Flex needs more elements if the company plans to keep the current price. There is a lot of space in this vehicle whose wheelbase is 118 inches long. A seven-seat layout is the only available, although some higher trim levels could offer captain’s chairs for the second row. Well, in this case, the price will jump significantly, since this upgrade is not coming alone.

2020 Ford Flex interior

2020 Ford Flex Price, Release Date, Future

Flex for 2019 is out. We didn’t hear anything about the discontinuation. So, the 2020 Ford Flex premiere will give us a clarification of the SUV’s future. If we see the new generation or a big redesign, that means the vehicle has another run. Next few seasons will be decisive for its future. On the other hand, if the company decides not to change too much, some questions will be sent to the front office about the plans for the Flex.

All in all, the new model arrives in the second half of 2019. The price depends on the level of changes. It is already high. This is one of the reasons for slow sales. Starting at $33,000 and still lacking some key features is a big failure. Well, the 2020 Ford Flex can keep the price, but the company needs to pack it with more safety measures. Of course, younger generations will look for more hi-tech and connectivity features of the infotainment system.

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