2020 Ford Explorer ST Review [Why It Costs $55,000?]

The ST model is the top of the line version for some vehicles in Ford’s lineup. Well, not too many models are getting such tuning that includes a powerful engine and styling update. Next season, the 2020 Ford Explorer ST is joining the lineup. The base SUV will be able to burst 400 horsepower after the revisit. However, more power means the car is more expensive. The ST version will cost just under $55,000, or nearly $3,500 less than premium Platinum trim.

Rumors about the ST version for the mid-size Explorer were swirling for a while. However, now these are becoming the truth. The 2020 Ford Explorer ST is now official. It actually replaces Explorer Sport. Well, ‘replacement’ is not the best description here, since the ST upgrades it in every possible way. It only made a room in sports segment of the lineup. At this point, we know the Explorer ST will use an AWD. A rear-wheel drive is not likely to happen in 2020.

2020 Ford Explorer ST premiere

2020 Ford Explorer ST Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2020 Ford Explorer ST will be a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. We already mentioned the SUV will be able to create 400 hp. Converted to speed, that is 143 mph. Such power is handled by a 10-speed automatic transmission. The new gearbox will distribute the energy to all four corners. Fans are already calling for the rear-wheel drive model. You can also add the Performance package items to its ST SUV (includes 21-inch wheels, high-performance brakes, and unique brake calipers painted in red). The ST Street suite uses the same setup, but performance brakes are replacing high-performance ones.

2020 Ford Explorer ST interior

Features and Options Prices

The new 2020 Ford Explorer ST is available for configuration The SUV comes with the high-output engine, which is the major upgrade. There are six paintjobs available to choose for free. Rick Copper and Rapid Red cost $400 more. Intelligent AWD comes with ST and Platinum trim levels. The driver can select the most suitable mode thanks to the advanced Terrain Management System. Modes available are eco, tow, sport, slippery, trail, deep snow/sand, and of course, normal. 400A package and Class III Trailer are standard with the Explorer ST. Ford adds CoPilot360 system.

As said, 21-inch wheels are an optional upgrade, either as a sole purchase or through performance packages. Remote start system and LED lights are standard for this SUV. Buyers can also add moonroof or roof rails crossbar. The interior of the 2020 Ford Explorer ST is wrapped with leather. The SUV comes with captain’s chairs in the middle row. B&O sound system produces surround sound thanks to 12 speakers. Navigation is included in Sync3 infotainment system. If you want rear-seat entertaining, you will have to pay $2,000. The final price of the standard SUV with ST package is $55,000. Fully-loaded, it reaches $63,000.

2020 Ford Explorer ST options


All the options are making the 2020 Ford Explorer ST pretty luxurious. However, it is not the most expensive model in the lineup thanks to the posh upgrades the Platinum trim is carrying. So, it is all about performance. Another three-row SUV that will offer a lot of noise is Dodge Durango SRT. We are waiting for the Chevy Blazer to come out to see if it is getting the SS tuning.

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