What’s New for 2020 Ford Expedition?

Expedition is the largest SUV Ford is currently offering. An F-250 based SUV Ford Excursion could take this spot in future. However, it will belong to the heavy-duty class of these vehicles. Also, the 2020 Ford Expedition will be in an advantage thanks to its heritage. The fourth generation of the Expedition was launched in 2018 and now we can’t see too big changes. Well, since it shares a lot of things with F-150 truck, the SUV could pick up some novelties from this truck.

At the first place, the 2020 Ford Expedition diesel seems to be a logical move. The truck is getting such powertrain. Why its SUV sibling wouldn’t expand its offer? Also, the King Ranch and Platinum model, as high-end trim levels, will get even more features. Well, these are not going to offer as much equipment as Lincoln Navigator, Expedition’s premium version. Finally, the rumor we can hear, but we still don’t believe in it is about the hybrid engine. It has something to do with stories about electrification of the Ford F-150 truck. However, the company is still silent about it.

To sum it up – the 2020 Ford Expedition will be a full-size sport utility vehicle with great versatility. Besides standard upgrades, the company will offer some limited edition of the SUV. Most of these models from 2019 will be dropped, but some of them will find the way to the lineup for 2020 season.

2020 Ford Expedition facelift


The first thing that will make you spot the 2020 Ford Expedition will be its size. This SUV is huge. If you intend to buy it, keep in mind you will have problems with parking it. It has nothing to do with your parking skills. This SUV sometimes needs a couple of parking spots. Expedition will be 210 inches long in 2020. Wheelbase is 122 inches. Although it is so big, the handling is surprisingly easy. Well, the vehicle is not as maneuverable as some mid-size or compact crossover, but for its segment, this is definitely an advantage. What’s more, the SUV comes in an extended variant, 2020 Ford Expedition MAX. Here, the wheelbase is longer by 12 inches, and overall length by 9 in.

2020 Ford Expedition Interior

Even with seating capacity for eight persons, the 2020 Ford Expedition will be one of the most comfortable SUVs in the market. Both standard and MAX models will offer 36 inches of legroom in the third row. With a second row pushed forward, passengers in the last row of seats can gain four more inches of space.

Standard safety features included airbags, anti-lock braking, and Safety-Canopy system. Well, most other safety equipment can be purchased only through additional packages. After critics, Ford could add adaptive cruising or lane departure warning to the list of standard features. Forward collision warning and emergency braking will remain part of the extra suite for safety.

The interior of the 2020 Ford Expedition will find its inspiration in the new F-150. For example, the dashboard is new in the pickup truck. Well, the SUV will make the similar one, with some details that will help it fits a vehicle from other class. Buyers can raise their ride to luxury levels with the Platinum model.

2020 Ford Expedition platinum interior

2020 Ford Expedition Diesel

The biggest addition for the 2020 Ford Expedition will be a diesel engine. It is obvious that the SUV is going to share this drivetrain with Ford F-150. A 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel unit is still not available as a build option for the truck. But, it drew too much attention and we know everything about it.

The Power Stroke engine will be capable to deliver 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. This energy will help the truck raise its towing capabilities to at least 11,000 pounds. Expect similar results for the 2020 Expedition. Also, the drivetrain will make the fuel economy rating jump significantly. It is not impossible to see the new SUV with the mileage of around 30 mpg for a highway drive.

2020 Ford Expedition diesel

FX4 Off-Road Package and BAJA edition

When you combine an upcoming diesel engine with an FX4 off-road suite, you will get an unstoppable machine. That is exactly what 2020 Ford Expedition FX4 will be. We can call it the Raptor SUV. Features that will make the vehicle much better in tough situations are limited slip rear differential with electronic control, unique all-terrain tires, and skid plates. Special 18-inch wheels, running boards, and parts like badging and floor mats will make it visually different from the rest of the lineup.

On the other hand, we already saw the BAJA edition of the SUV. Many fans called it Raptor. Upgrades such as 35-inch fender flares bumpers, and unique suspension would make the 2020 Ford Expedition BAJA version even tougher than FX4. However, this would be the SUV for extreme off-roading and drivers that plan to spend most of the time with the vehicle in the mud. The lifted vehicle will allow them to do so.

2020 Ford Expedition baja

Is the 2020 Ford Expedition Hybrid Possible?

Ford invests big into the electrification of its entire fleet. One of the first models to get the hybrid engine will be F-150 truck. As a close sibling and the vehicle that shares so many things with it, the Ford Expedition 2020 will follow the path of the pickup. A 3.5-liter engine will serve as the base for this project. However, Ford could also turn the new 3.3-l unit into a hybrid setup. Sources of this information are not reliable, so it remains the speculation whether the 2020 Ford Expedition Hybrid appear next season.

2020 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price Change

The new 2020 Ford Expedition will become available in the second part of the year. However, most upgrades and special editions will come one by one. A hybrid vehicle is still questionable, while the diesel engine arrives after F-150 launches its models with such units. By then, we will keep our tabs on standard offer and few limited editions to keep us on alert.

Definitely, there will be a lot of price modifications for the 2020 Ford Expedition. Changes in this model are not big. But, additions and special editions will allow more build options. Diesel unit will raise the cost for at least $5,000. Hybrid even more. FX4 off-road package is not cheap, while the BAJA model is custom-made. The new SUV’s starting price is not going up, although the company is adding a few more safety features for the base units.

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