2020 Ford Escape Will be Hybrid

It is obvious that the hybrid version of the Escape compact crossover is coming. However, it won’t be a model for next year. The SUV can appear in 2019 but as 2020 Ford Escape. Numerous changes will follow the switch to a hybrid drivetrain. Well, it won’t be a complete move, since the vehicle is going to keep petrol units in its lineup. But, the new drivetrain combined with an electric motor is worth of new generation.

The US carmaker confirmed the development of the Escape hybrid. It will come together with its full-size sibling Expedition. First renderings and spy shots of the 2020 Ford Escape are available. The company will release the base version before it. However, future Ford Escape 2020 is causing a lot of attention. Fans are asking many questions about its redesign, specs, and infotainment. We can only be sure the vehicle is coming. Every other information is speculation or rumor.

2020 Ford Escape

2020 Ford Escape Hybrid

It is still early to talk about the final product. Also, we can’t be sure what will be installed under the hood of the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid. The carmaker and its engineers will test few possible solutions. However, they will keep at least one petrol engine for the upcoming generation.

If experts are right, a 2.5-liter unit is going to be turned into the hybrid. Currently, this four-pot drivetrain can deliver 170 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. With the help of the electric motor, the output will gain at least 20 horses. But, more significant boost comes for the gas mileage. Again, the existing crossover is able to return 25 mpg combined. With mild hybrid 2020 Escape will jump to about 29 mpg for city cruising.

2020 Ford Escape petrol specs

Future Ford Escape 2020 will also come with petrol engines under the bonnet. It is very likely that a 2.5-l will be turned into a hybrid, while two turbo-four mills are still an option. One of them will definitely be there in 2020, if not both.

Turbo drivetrains come with much better specs while keeping the high fuel economy numbers. For example, a 2.0-liter turbo-four is putting out 250 horses but keeps the fuel consumption just 1 mpg worse than the regular I-4 unit. So, there is no reason to drop such engine. On the other hand, the company could opt for the less potent unit, a 1.5-liter turbo mill. Around 2 mpg better combined gas mileage and 70 fewer horses are the results of this downgrading.

2020 Ford Escape rear

2020 Ford Escape redesign

First spy shots are there, but we are not sure if the test mule has any similarities with the upcoming 2020 Ford Escape. Major changes are on the way, from exterior to cabin. The third generation dates from 2013, and instead the refresh, Ford will launch a new vehicle. By that, the company will follow up the big drivetrain update with appearance tweaks and modernization.

Spy photos are showing the vehicle that is very similar to Escape. But, it is slightly longer and wider than before. This could mean the 2020 Ford Escape will take a position slightly above the compact class, and its spot will take Focus Active Crossover which comes the same year.

Furthermore, the tail is now rounder, but it is not sure rear will look the same in a year or so. The overall design is smoother than before. That indicates 2020 Ford Escape could use a new design language and possibly new platform. Finally, the entire exterior should boost aerodynamic and overall aggressiveness.


If it is too early to talk about the final product from the outside, then we have to wait for that first to mention anything inside. The technology evolves very fast, so we are not sure what we can find in the cabin. Few things are certain – the 2020 Ford Escape will try to be as comfortable as possible, but still to keep the price at affordable level. Sync system will be the latest at that time, with all modern features that 2020 will bring.

2020 Ford Escape interior

2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Comes to Europe as Kuga

Ford Kuga is European version of Escape. Although there are a lot of common things for both vehicles, some modifications are making the US version more exciting. But, in the case of hybrid model, we are sure that Kuga will get the same drivetrain. The 2020 Ford Escape will borrow engine and parts for its Euro sibling. Other parts of the world will have to wait to get their crossover. Petrol engine will be available worldwide.

2020 Ford Escape Release Date

The 2020 Ford Escape will come during next year. The company is not going to miss one of the big cars shows to present innovations on the hybrid field. Of course, the debut could happen together with Expedition full-size SUV. But, we still don’t know the schedule. The new generation could come first as a petrol model, and then other editions. There are no doubts that the most luxurious Titanium version will be available for the hybrid. We expect the standard petrol SUV to keep the price and start from $25,000. Titanium adds around $10k. Ford will offer hybrid probably between $28,000-$30,000, and its deluxe model will go over $40,000. Between these ends, we will find few other mid-range trim levels.

2020 Ford Escape redesign

Future of the 2020 Ford Escape

After hybrid, we can also expect the EV version of the crossover in future. Ford is going to invest $5 billion into this segment. Well, not the entire amount is going to be spent in next year or two. The long-term plan includes hybridization and electrification of the entire fleet of vehicles. For the start, a lot of flagship models will get small electric motors as a support to their petrol units. Slowly, every vehicle will grow into EV. Finally, the entire process should end in 2030.

Regarding the 2020 Ford Escape, the hybrid is quite of innovation. Also, there will be a new generation. With such improvements, buyers will have to get used to it. Meanwhile, the company will prepare Energi and PHEV concepts, and first of them could be Focus Active crossover. Abovementioned model is announced, but details about it are still missing. In next couple of seasons, we will know the future of these SUVs.

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