2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid Review (Gas Mileage, Release Date and Price)

Building the 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid is the priority for the next season in the Blue Oval company. This is one of the most important pieces of their future plans. The carmaker is electrifying the whole range of vehicles. Even the F-150 truck and Mustang will get a hybrid or plug-in hybrid models. Surely, there are smaller cars that come as EVs. But for the full-size SUV, usage of the electric power is something new.

This segment of crossovers is delivering a lot of power. Big SUVs are not so agile and fuel-friendly, but they bring more safety and power. However, to make them even more attractive, Ford will install the hybrid mix for Expedition. We suppose that the SUV will get a mild-hybrid engine for the start, and later it can become an all-electric vehicle.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid Concept

Ford announced plans of hybridization for 2019 season for some models. At top of the list are two crossovers. Small Escape we can imagine with an electric motor. However, the 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid is a surprise. But, thanks to the confirmation that the company will develop a luxury Lincoln Navigator Hybrid as well, it is not the biggest thing we can hear about upcoming SUVs. So, we can expect an interesting automotive season next year.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid Specs

The 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid will probably share the drivetrain system with an F-150 pickup truck. It is the best-selling vehicle in the US. Also, Ford wants to catch up with Tesla and build more electric cars soon. But, they will also need big crossovers and trucks being hybrids and PHEVs.

So, both 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid and F-150 could use a 3.5-liter V-6 as the main engine. Well, this mill has a twin-turbo system on both standard vehicles. With a capability to produce 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque, it makes Expedition an excellent SUV for an off-road ride.

Hybrid is going to detune the output. The turbocharger will probably be dropped. With it, the power could be around 300 hp.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid front

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid MPG

With less power coming out of the engine, the 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid can count on better gas mileage. The system is going to boost the fuel economy for the city drive. We believe Ford is aiming to reach at least 25 mpg. Also, highway drive is going to consume 27 mpg if the Expedition comes with a mild-hybrid. On the other hand, if engineers are going to surprise everyone with a plug-in model, then all these numbers will go significantly up. Well, the company confirmed only a hybrid, while plug-in and EV are probably coming after 2020.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid Styling

The hybrid drivetrain is not requiring changes on design. So, the upcoming SUV is going to use the same shell and parts as its conventional sibling. However, there will be few changes inside the cabin. The dashboard can expect the revisit since 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid must have special monitors of its electric system. The small battery is going to be always under control of a driver.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid interior


The 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid will bring all the changes of the regular model for next season. Some of the modifications include new colors, such as Shadow Black, Race Red, or Metallic Blue. Also, the aesthetic design will improve aerodynamic and overall performance. More about the facelift of 2019 Ford Expedition you can read in our full review HERE.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid Release Date

The 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid is announced sooner than we expected. The full-size segment was not the top favorite to appear with electric motor helping conventional unit achieve better gas mileage. But now, when the carmaker started the development, we can expect to see its debut in 2019. However, the vehicle is not coming so soon, so car shows in New York or Chicago could host its premiere.

Price Estimations

The 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid is going to cost about $5,000 more than the regular model. These are rough estimations based on the similar situations in other classes. Whatsoever, the Expedition is bigger and comes with more equipment. So, the price could raise over $60,000. Also, the cost depends on the strength of the hybrid system. With 2019 Expedition expected to use mild-hybrid, we can be sure the price sticker will be close to this number.

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