2019 Chevy Suburban Mid-Cycle Refresh

Suburban is one of the longest-serving names in the car industry. Its roots go back to 1935. Over the years the crossover evolved to a 3-row full-size SUV. Police forces are using it, and Secret Service deploys the fully-armored editions of Chevrolet Suburban for the US president escort. The current generation will last for few more years. The 2019 Chevy Suburban won’t bring too many changes. Whatsoever, the company will definitely update the interior with a new infotainment system. Also, bringing back some of the old school versions is always a good idea.

The crossover will come with the same engine lineup and outputs. However, engineers will work on the driving mechanics. This will improve handling and maneuvering of this huge SUV. Furthermore, 2019 Chevy Suburban could see slight updates on its exterior. All in all, the next edition won’t bring too much excitement, but the facelift will refresh the look and buyer’s interest.

2019 Chevy Suburban spy shot

2019 Chevy Suburban Styling and Redesign

The last major update Suburban had in 2015. Then, the new, eleventh generation came out. A mid-cycle refresh is expected from 2019 Chevy Suburban. However, it is nothing radical. Few changes will do the work without messing up the good things.

Strengths of 2019 Chevrolet Suburban

Huge dimensions could be a lack for some. But, that is not going to be the case with 2019 Chevy Suburban. The carmaker put all into suspension and drive system to break the rigid moves. For its size, the Suburban moves well, even on city streets. But, another positive side is plenty of space inside the crossover. Not only passengers will feel a complete joy, but entire family can load the vehicle with enough items for longer trips. Towing capacity of 8,300 pounds says enough. Finally, the entertaining system will distract children and keep them quiet.

Chevy Suburban Interior and Accessories

The cabin layout of the 2019 Chevy Suburban holds three rows of seats. Behind, there is almost 40 cubic-feet of cargo space. Finally, owners of this vehicle can use even more with hidden storage area under the floor beneath the third row. Already in base trim, we will find automatic climate control. Rear parking sensors are there by default. Chevrolet MyLink infotainment will be updated with the latest apps and features. Suburban will be able to support both Apple and Android platforms.

GM is still developing intelligent systems and autonomous drive. So, most of these features will be optional. Also, they increase the cost of the vehicle. Auto head beams and lane departure warning boost overall safety. The 2019 Chevy Suburban will brake automatically at low speeds with Driver Alert Package. Of course, Chevrolet will offer again a premium package with luxurious equipment, mostly for showing off.

2019 Chevy Suburban interior

How Long is 2019 Chevy Suburban?

The 2019 Chevy Suburban will use the same platform as its predecessor. That means this extended crossover will have a 130-inch wheelbase. Overall length is 224.4 inches, the SUV is 84.5 inches wide and 74.4 inches high. General Motors has another very similar vehicle in its lineup, approximately launched at the same time. Chevrolet Suburban shares a lot in common with GMC Yukon, especially its XL version.

2019 Chevy Suburban Return of LTZ and 2500 models

What we knew as an LTZ model is now the Premier version. This is top of the lineup trim, with the most luxurious package of features. However, since there are no big changes, GM could bring a special edition with an old name for 2019 season. On the other hand, some fans would like to own a 2500HD model. This lineup has completely moved to commercial segment. Although we doubt Chevrolet could fulfill these wishes, in lack of innovations, this could be a buy of time until larger redesign arrives.

2019 Chevy Suburban Specs

The only drivetrain option for 2019 Chevy Suburban remains a 5.3-liter V-8 drivetrain. An EcoTec3 unit is capable to produce 355 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. Direct injection and VVT are standard parts of the driving system. Power is transferred through a 6-speed automatic transmission. Buyers can choose between two- and all-wheel drive modes. Edition for 2019 will keep all these specs, with possible upgrades of transmission and suspension.

2019 Chevy Suburban engine

Chevrolet Suburban MPG

Mileage is not an advantage of any full-size SUV. The 2019 Chevy Suburban is not going to change that. Its main rival Ford Expedition has the same problems. The last model runs 16 mpg in city and 23 mpg on highway. The upcoming model will keep these values. Upgrades on transmission could boost the mileage, but nothing more than 1 mpg. In AWD mode, MPG rating drops to 15/22 city/highway.

Chevy Suburban is Coming as a Diesel

The last time Chevrolet Suburban appeared with a diesel engine in 2000. Since ninth generation stepped on markets, a 6.5-liter V-8 unit became a history. Now, almost two decades after, the 2019 Chevy Suburban could bring it back. However, this is only a rumor, probably coming from fans and enthusiasts. No official data is available about this kind of model. But, we can’t leave these comments without attention, especially when there could be some way to see a diesel drivetrain powering Suburban.

In the military, Chevy vehicles are using a 6.6-liter turbo-diesel engine. Many strange things should happen to see this powertrain until military drops it for good. But, on the other hand, this force is always using advanced technologies. So, when Army finds a new drivetrain, a diesel will be available for the free sale.

2019 Chevy Suburban diesel

2019 Chevy Suburban Duraburb Diesel

The Duraburb company converts Suburban SUV into diesel vehicle. Nevertheless, this is not the official channel but gives a chance for all diesel lovers to try out the Chevy Suburban.

2019 Chevy Suburban Price

Tradition, power, luxury, are all implemented into the price of the 2019 Chevy Suburban. Without big modifications, the vehicle should stay put with the price. The entry-level model will cost around $50,000 with 2WD configuration. The MSRP of the Premier trim will go over $70k if we pack it with 4WD and some additional package. GM takes care of its customers by offering special theft-protection features. Door lock shields and movement sensors are going to repel thieves.

Launch Date

Chevrolet is paying most of the attention on its brand-new Silverado. Until first impressions about the truck are gone, we won’t have any major premiere from the company. We believe that 2019 Chevy Suburban will wait until the second half of 2018 to debut. However, the production model won’t be out before the last days of this year.

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