2021 BMW X3 Release Date, M40i Specs

BMW is focusing on the new arrivals. However, the Bavarian carmaker is not forgetting the fans of their compact segment. The new X3 was redesigned in 2018 and the next update will bring cosmetic changes. Besides that, get ready for the electric iX3 version. We consider this one as a part of the 2021 BMW X3 lineup. Well, the rest of the vehicle is pretty much the same. The elegant cockpit is using high-quality materials. Under the hood, depending on the market, will lay powerful petrol or diesel units.

Besides the electric version, high expectations are on the new 2021 BMW X3 M model. The performance-oriented crossover SUV will compete with sedans with the same badge. Thanks to its smaller size than for the flagship X5, the X3 is bringing lighter steering and handling. Of course, the premium SUV will get even more luxurious features. You can also find a similar vehicle with coupe design – BMW X4.

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2021 BMW X3 changes

2021 BMW X3 Engines and Specs

There are six available configurations for two petrol engines. A 2.0 and 3.0 are displacements for the 2021 BMW X3. The smaller unit is capable to produce 185 hp if you opt for xDrive20i, or 255 hp if the xDrive30i is your choice. The upper trim level is also available with a two-wheel sDrive. The engine also delivers 215 or 260 pound-feet of torque.

A 3.0-liter displacement is a V6 unit with a twin-turbo system. The base version is M40i and it bursts 355 hp and 370 lb-ft. Upgrade your ride with the M package and you will get the 475 horsepower and 445 pound-feet version of the crossover SUV. That is not all since the M Competition pushes the outputs even further. In this case, you can count on 503 horsepower. This one will make the X3 sprint to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Max speed is limited to 155 mph (250 km/h).

Diesel Powertrains

Outside the US, BMW is well known for its diesel drivetrains. The company planned to bring these units to North America, but VW and Audi scandals made it nearly impossible. Or too expensive. So, diesel engines remain available for European and other markets.

Three different setups are available. The xDrive20d is using a 2.0-liter powertrain with 190 hp and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. More power comes with xDrive30d. In this case, a 3.0-liter V6 engine is capable to burst 260 hp and 460 lb-ft. At the top of the diesel, the class is an M40d configuration. The same V6 engine explodes for 320 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of twist power.

2021 BMW X3 release date

2021 BMW iX3, Hybrid

Starting next year, the X3 crossover SUV is going to deliver a hybrid power. A 2.0-liter petrol engine is getting the help of an electric motor for a total of 295 hp. You can find this configuration as xDrive30e. Some say the company will even hybridize the 3.0-l V6 engine.

Until this becomes official, we will focus on the 2021 BMW iX3. This is an all-electric vehicle based on the X3. While some experts look at it as the separated model, we will consider it as a part of the lineup.

The company announced plans to launch such crossover, but precise info is missing. Spy photos are unveiling the model, which will use the electric motor as the only source of power. According to rumors, the 2021 BMW iX3 will be able to go at least 250 miles. The range goes up for the higher trims with larger batteries.

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2021 BMW iX3

Autonomous Drive Level 4

BMW also announced the next electric crossover will get a Level 4 of autonomous drive. Currently, Tesla is offering the most advanced features with its Level 2. Since the gap between Level 2 and 3 is huge, and Level 3 and Level 4 are very close, Volvo and Tesla are also skipping the next step.

So, in two years, we will have few companies with Level 4 of self-driving accessories. That means human interference is minimal, only for unpredicted situations. The vehicle can accelerate, brake, overtake, and park alone. Still, the minimum attention is required. Without it, we would have the highest Level 5 of autonomous drive.


After a while, the German carmaker pays more attention to its compact crossover. The luxury class is not as attractive as the standard segment, mainly because of the price. However, the X3 is one of the leaders on the market, and its popularity grows in many markets (Australia, Middle East). The arrival of the hybrid version next season and the iX3 in 2021 will definitely set some sights on the small luxury crossover.

Whatsoever, with the new technologies, the 2021 BMW X3 will get new rivals. There are Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC coming from the same country. In the US market, there are also Lexus NX and Acura MDX. Domestic companies are also competing with Cadillac XT5 and Lincoln Nautilus (previously MKX).

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