2020 BMW X8 Concept Interior and Release Date

The X8 should be the largest crossover by BMW. We can find many rumors about this vehicle, although first started just a couple of months ago. We can blame officials who spoke there is a room above the upcoming X7, which is about to take the same position. But, it seems for a while, until 2020 BMW X8 appears. Well, besides such announcement, there are no clear details about the development of the new SUV. In the matter of fact, everyone in BMW is pretty unsure about it. But, to remain competitive in the class, the carmaker must follow the innovations and competition.

That is exactly what 2020 BMW X8 will do. Packed with a lot of new features, the crossover should be the true warrior on the street. It will help BMW reach some higher-end models, especially with Range Rover badge. But, the development of such a car is not so easy, so the Bavarian company must be careful. Also, next season we will see the new BMW X7 as the biggest SUV ever made by this manufacturer. The only year after that, they plan to unveil the next biggest SUV. Experts are not sure how fans and enthusiasts (read buyers) are going to accept so many changes in such a short period of time.

2020 BMW X8 concept

2020 BMW X8 Rumors

The 2020 BMW X8 is definitely possible, but we still don’t know what to expect from it. For a while, fans are talking about the next big SUV, but it is coming as X7. Now, details about the new biggest crossover are not official. Bosses mentioned there is a room for it. That is enough to speculate what it could be and when it is coming.


As the rest of the 2020 BMW X8, the look of this crossover is still unknown. Well, some parts are predictable, such as kidney grille. But besides it, we can only speculate. It is going to be larger than the BMW X7. The other important detail is the layout. The X8 could be the sort of coupe version of its smaller sibling. It is larger, but we still don’t know how much. The new big crossover will probably use the same platform as the X7.


Again, the layout of the cabin heavily depends on the exterior style. If the SUV comes as a coupe, then the 2020 BMW X8 interior is not going to be so huge as many fans expect. Nevertheless, there is still a strong belief that the crossover could get a standard styling, with three rows of seats. If that happens, there will be plenty of room, even in the rear bench. On the other hand, some rumors claim this will be a 5-seater. Well, that is for sure if coupe layout comes as a priority.

2020 BMW X8 interior

2020 BMW X8 Engines

While we still can speculate and make some predictions about the look of the 2020 BMW X8, its drivetrain lineup is totally unknown. Since it is definitely going to have strong connections with X7, there is an opinion the same engines will be used for both vehicles. On the other hand, the larger crossover might use even bigger unit than its sibling. Furthermore, some enthusiasts think that SUV will come as a hybrid. That is not impossible as well. So, there are a lot of options for the upcoming SUV and trusted sources are not available at the moment. We can consider the most certain one – carrying over the powertrain from BMW X7.

And that is a reliable and durable 3.0-liter V6. Also, there is an option to pick up only a 4.4-liter V-8. It is still up to engineers to decide which one is better for X8. More info is expected in 2019 since it is still early to talk about models for 2020.

2020 BMW X8 M

Besides the standard offer, fans are already keen on 2020 BMW X8 M performance-oriented version. Well, if this happens, the crossover is going to cement its place as the best vehicle in the class. We can say that from such distance since no other company is considering big moves like this. Well, the Bavarian carmaker must fight its way back after diesel scandal hit the sales pretty hard. Now, with new models, performance-oriented version, and cleaner engines, the return is possible.

2020 BMW X8

2020 BMW X8 Coupe

The BMW X7 is coming as the biggest SUV. However, it is still shorter than the new Mercedes Maybach GLS. That could be the main reason why the German carmaker wants to make the even bigger crossover. With 2020 BMW X8 Coupe it would get closer to undisputed champion in the premium class and make a serious threat for future models.

How Much Will BMW X8 Cost?

This is again the tough question. We can only guess. Because of its size, we are sure it tops the value of X7, which is again more expensive than X6. But, there are many factors. First of all, we need to know the body style it is using. Then, exact size and drivetrains. Furthermore, if the hybrid appears, then it changes the whole situation. Finally, the only certain thing is that 2020 BMW X8 M will cost over $100.000. But, how much above it, again, depends on many factors.

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