2020 BMW iX3 Electric SUV Concept in Production During Next Year

The entire automotive industry and all carmakers are looking forward electrification. Now, we can add the 2020 BMW iX3 in the lineup we expect to see during next year. The concept of an all-electric SUV was presented during Beijing auto show. However, range and other specs are not unveiled then. The company keeps some details about the BMW iX3 EV for later stages of development. However, this is BMW’s response to a big challenge by Tesla Model X.

The platform for 2020 BMW iX3 is ready. Nevertheless, the German carmaker is looking further. The concept is very flexible, so the iX3 crossover is not going to be the only all-electric vehicle in their lineup. However, it will be the pioneer. The EV is finding its basic design in the regular SUV. But, it is upgrading the crossover in many ways. So, the electric model, we can say, is even more appealing than its sibling.

2020 BMW iX3

2020 BMW iX3 Competition

The Tesla Model X is the only all-electric crossover which hit the production. Nevertheless, it was only a spark for other companies to develop their own models. Many concepts are there, but none of them is on streets.

Probably the first one to appear is Jaguar I-Pace. The Jag made a breakthrough with their F-Pace. But, instead of building the fleet of conventional models in different classes, the carmaker turned to the electric segment. The biggest BMW’s rivals in all markets and its compatriots, Audi and Mercedes are also stepping into this market. Mercedes-Benz EQC is set for next year’s debut. Fans are not going to wait for too long to see Audi e-tron as well.

2020 BMW iX3 rear

2020 BMW iX3 Concept

The brand-new platform allows BMW to install either plug-in hybrid or electric motor on the wheelbase. According to leaking sources, the 2020 BMW iX3 will use a 70 kWh battery in combination with the 270hp-rated unit. This electric system is going to get at least 250 miles of range.

Greener Technology

Innovations are not done here. The new engine is going to use elements which are not so rare. This is definitely an advantage, although experts are concerned about the durability and reliability of such parts. Nevertheless, if the Bavarian carmaker is sure these can deliver needed quality, we can be calm about it.

2020 BMW iX3 Design

The 2020 BMW iX3 will be based on the standard X3 crossover. But, its reveal showed us the electric model could be even more stylish than its sibling. Smoother front fascia with slim ventilation openings will boost the overall aerodynamic. Behind the left wheel, we can find charging port. Rear bumper and wheel arcs are also different than on the base BMW X3 crossover.

2020 BMW iX3 front

2020 BMW iX3 Production

Launched at Beijing auto show, the 2020 BMW iX3 will be built in China as well. The EV in this country is one of the priorities for the German company. As the fastest growing market in the world, China is drawing more attention from carmakers.

However, they will launch PHEV for European customers as well, although there is no further information about it. Appearance in the US is not confirmed yet, but we doubt that BMW will miss a chance to do it soon after the Chinese premiere.

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