2019 BMW X6 Revives the ActiveHybrid Project

The biggest crossover in the BMW lineup is X6. However, it seems that situation is changing. The whole bunch of rumors is whispering about the brand-new X7 model. It will compete with Audi Q8. Until huge SUV arrives, the 2019 BMW X6 will keep the spot it holds for 10 years. For next season we could see some significant changes, but not a new generation.

Those who didn’t like the BMW X6 so far, they would probably not like a new model. The upcoming SUV retained a characteristic silhouette and proportions of its predecessor. The German manufacturer modernized its coupe-crossover and aligned it with the design of the latest models from the segment, primarily with the BMW X5. The front of the vehicle will be more purposeful and less rounded than the current version. Also, headlights and cooler mask will borrow shapes from its smaller sibling.

2019 BMW X6 front

Will 2019 BMW X6 Get a Redesign?

Side panels of the 2019 BMW X6 are getting more dynamic lines. New styling language includes details like a line following the overhead arch. The rear end looks more massive thanks to large taillights and a more distinctive diffuser. Besides that detail on the lower part of the bumper, we will also find interesting exhaust tips.

The new X6 will use lightweight materials for body parts. With these, weight could drop between 50-100 pounds. This will affect few other details, such as mileage and maneuverability. Handling is definitely easier for the full-size SUV, although dimensions remain the same.


The cabin of the 2019 BMW X6 is also designed by the reputation of the BMW X5. On the dashboard, the big multimedia screen is dominating. A 10-inch display will show all necessary information relevant for the safe and cozy ride. Leather and seats will definitely improve the overall impression. Controls are easy to learn, although there are plenty of them. Most commands are coming from the abovementioned screen, while we will find many buttons on the steering wheel. A dual-zone climate control is a standard feature.

The only lack of the SUV was the cargo room. Now, the 2019 BMW X6 should fix that with a new layout and more space in the back. However, if you lack a room for your cargo, simply fold rear seats and create more space.

2019 BMW X6 spy shot

2019 BMW X6 Specs

When it comes to markets the new 2019 BMW X6 will be available in three versions. The xDrive50i petrol will be powered by a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine of 450 hp and 480 lb-ft of maximum torque. With it, the SUV is going to accelerate to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. Other two options are sDrive35i and xDrive35i with same outputs. This 3.0-l turbo V-6 can create 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Also, it offers the better fuel economy than a V-8.

European buyers will get two models with diesel engines. The base diesel version, the xDrive30d, will drive a six-cylinder 3.0-liter bi-turbo engine. This drivetrain is capable to deliver 260 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. It is significantly slower than V-8 since diesel sprints to 60 mph in almost 7 seconds. However, this mill will make it up with more generous fuel economy.

2019 BMW X6 engine

2019 BMW X6 M50d

At the top of the diesel, offer sits the 2019 BMW X6 M50d. A high-end model will come with a 3.0-liter three-turbo unit. With the output of nearly 400 hp and 55 lb-ft of torque, it will definitely draw the attention of many fans. It is as fast as the V-8 unit. Top speed is limited to 155 mph, and the gearbox sends power to all wheels.

Performance-Tuned BMW X6M

The M50d is a top diesel version, but not the top overall crossover in the X6 lineup. Well, we can say that X6M is a different model. Nevertheless, this performance-oriented unit is coming for the next season. The 2019 BMW X6M will offer 570 horses and 555 lb-ft of torque from its huge V-8. It is the same 4.4-liter unit as the one we mentioned. However, special chargers and tuning made a monster of it. This beast is pretty thirsty, consuming 19 mpg on highways and 14 mpg in urban areas.


First, try to hybridize the X6 crossover happened in 2009. Then we saw ActiveHybrid version of the SUV. But, the project didn’t live up. Now, ten years later, the Bavarian carmaker is about to give another shot to this concept. Well, it is not the same platform, and the system is completely new. However, the idea remains the same – to improve outputs of the 2019 BMW X6. Its smaller brother had a version with 111 hp-rated electric motors, and the same one could pair 3.0-liter petrol engine. Nevertheless, nothing is confirmed yet and there are only rumors about this vehicle.

2019 BMW X6 m50d diesel

2019 BMW X6 Price

The luxurious crossover comes once again with a hefty price. Only true fans and buyers with a deep pocket will get the 2019 BMW X6. Starting at $63,000, the base model is far from affordable. Whatsoever, the AWD version of xDrive35i model costs $3,000 more. In the US, top model is xDrive50i with starting price of $78,000, while the X6M is out of this league. Its value is over $100k, and in 2019 we believe it will exceed $110,000. In Europe, the M50d diesel X6 is going to cost around 70,000 euro.


The archrival of BMW is Audi. Size, price, and performance of the 2019 BMW X6 will be similar to Audi Q7, which makes it No1 rival. Nevertheless, there are few other competitors in the class. Of course, Mercedes-Benz is still untouchable with its offer. Land Rover prepares the new Discovery, while the Volvo XC90 already left good impressions.

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