2019 BMW X6 M Mid-Cycle Refresh

The 2019 BMW X6 M package is performance-oriented SUV that will boost horsepower of the regular crossover. Not only that. Matte black exterior color will make the vehicle look like a shadow in combination with a silent engine. Also, the interior comes packed with the latest infotainment systems and features. Compared to its base X6 SUV, the M package raises the price and takes more fuel.

The Bavarian manufacturer made it official that the new generation is coming after 2021. We thought there won’t be more editions by then. But, the 2019 BMW X6 M comes as the mid-cycle refresh. With it, the company will buy some time to build the next-gen crossover, while fans are still playing with 2019 BMW X6 M.

2019 BMW X6 M front

2019 BMW X6 M Package Styling

It is not all about the power, but also the design when we talk about 2019 BMW X6 M. Of course, the German company is keeping the most impressive details and changes for the debut. So, it is not so easy to guess what we can expect. Spy shots are not available yet, either. All in all, we will have to be patient to find out specific details about the new X6 M.

But, since the upcoming crossover will be part of the final refresh, we doubt BMW is going to shuffle cards. The aces will be aside waiting for the new generation. So, same bold appearance with minor updates could do the job for 2019 BMW X6 M. Expect it to see again in matte black color.

2019 BMW X6 M side


As exterior, neither does interior is getting some stunning updates. Existing features can get new additions. Few extra packages will bring bonus features. Premium leather is going to cover seats and steering wheel.

2019 BMW X6 M Horsepower Rating and 0-60 Acceleration

Few things we can underline on the specs sheet of the X6 M is its power and quickness. The base SUV is keeping its entire drivetrain lineup, even for the next edition with M package. Upgrades on inline-six and V-8 units will add better results on the output end. The entry-level crossover can do only 300 horsepower. But, as soon as we get a V-8 drivetrain, the output raises to 450 hp. The 2019 BMW X6 M will get special tuning of the same drivetrain. With it, the performance SUV will be able to reach 580 horsepower for 2019 season. It also adds 550 pound-feet of torque, while the mileage remains away from the highest priority.

While diesel engine is not in plans, we are sure that 2019 BMW X6 M will maintain its quickness and acceleration. The current edition stops the clock at 3.8 seconds to reach 60 mph. For a quarter-mile run, the crossover is going to need less than 12 seconds.

2019 BMW X6 M engine

2019 BMW X6 M Price

Finally, the price is reflecting all the upgrades on the SUV. For example, the base crossover starts from $63,000. For the 2019 BMW X6 M Package, buyers will have to add at least $40k more. This makes the SUV a competitor in any mean with Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

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