2019 Audi Q6 – New Coupe SUV

Audi continues to expand its SUV offer. In contrast to the fully electric e-tron, the 2019 Audi Q6 SUV Coupe comes from the old world. After e-tron and h-tron quattro concept with fuel cell appeared, the next Audi’s new electric SUV should be Q6 e-tron. To slow down electrification and offer something to old and not so progressive fans, the German carmaker is launching the SUV coupe.

Together with the Q8, the Q6 is likely to be the last new Audi model, whose genes come from the MLB platform. Even the flagship model Q5 will not live forever in this form. After a large facelift planned for 2021, the SUV should expire in 2025 and be replaced by the Q5E electric drive. The same faith expects its larger sibling. But, before it happens, we will enjoy in 2019 Audi Q6.

2019 Audi Q6

2019 Audi Q6 e-tron and plug-in hybrid

To start its life, the 2019 Audi Q6 will offer a hybrid variant. Buyers which are not yet ready to go totally green will have an alternative. A plug-in variant will join the brand-new e-tron model next season.

The 2019 Audi Q6 will be the first crossover built on the e-tron concept presented in 2015. Back then, at Frankfurt Auto show, Audi put high stakes on this platform. It took a while to get from the idea to the streets, but that day has finally come. During next year or two, the fully-electric SUV will roll out Audi factories. However, the new nameplate will get a plug-in version as well. By that, less progressive fans can test it and see if this kind of vehicle suits them.

2019 Audi Q6 e-tron Concept

The 2019 Audi Q6 e-tron should be the first coupe SUV by this company. in the future, we could see more of these based on the same platform. The next one is definitely h-tron fuel cell crossover. However, the upcoming Q6 will stun everyone with its design and specs. Under the hood of this vehicle is the powerful battery that can make the crossover go over 300 miles before the next recharge. Zero emission output and 430 horses are standard. With upgrades, the 2019 Audi Q6 can reach 500 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Audi Q6 front

Quattro and Drive Modes

The power generated in an electric motor is sent to all wheels. So, the 2019 Audi Q6 gets a famous quattro system right from the start. Well, it is a part of e-tron concept. Additionally, engineers are going to create two different drive modes. During the ride, drivers can switch between Drive and Sport. The other is the one that can deliver the highest hp and twist values. Max speed limit is set at 130. Above this mark, energy loss is unacceptably high.

2019 Audi Q6 Specs and Range

The battery that powers 2019 Audi Q6 is 95 kW unit. The liquid cooling system is under the passengers’ area. By that, Q6 gets a better balance thanks to the 52/48 weight distribution.  During testing, the e-tron coupe SUV managed to achieve 311 miles driving only on electric power.

Wireless Charging

This is not real yet, but in future, we believe Audi will make its concept grow into the purpose. The wireless charging platform for the 2019 Audi Q6 includes automatic parking features. When the battery is about to run out, the SUV will park itself to the closest charging station. Above the magnetic field, the Q6 would recharge and the complete process will be available for monitoring over smartphone apps.

Another idea is to place solar panels on the roof. Well, this is not the brand-new concept, since some other companies are considering the same system. However, this would be a limited source of energy which can’t replace conventional charging. By using light, it takes too much time to recharge. Standard ports can do it in a couple of hours. So, solar panels could be used as an alternative power gathering system that will extend the range while still on the run.

2019 Audi Q6 interior


When the entire industry is about to get more electric vehicles, Audi must follow these trends. Well, the German carmaker, hit by emission scandals, should speed up the entire process. By building green cars, they could make it up in some way for all charges for cheating on emission outputs.

The 2019 Audi Q6 all-electric e-tron coupe SUV could be a solution to problems. This crossover can re-attain the lost reputation of the German company and make another step forward. If everything goes according to plan, we could soon see the h-tron, another step in the evolution of green cars.

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