2019 Acura MDX Hybrid Release Date Review

Under the hood of the most popular crossover by Honda’s luxury division Acura MDX we will find petrol and hybrid drivetrains. This is becoming a trend among premium vehicles. We already have Lexus hybrids, which are very popular. The 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid will improve the efficiency of the same system. There was information that the company will bring a new unit and an electric battery. For now, it is not happening. After 2020, when MDX hits the new generation, Honda and Acura engineers will probably develop a new system for the hybrid drivetrain.

Well, updates under the bonnet are not the only ones 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid is introducing. Advance and Technology packages will get more features. The new system boosts the acceleration. So, expect the SUV to sprint 0-60 mph faster. Also, the SH-AWD system is going to be improved. Furthermore, it leads to a better fuel economy and MPG rating of the 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid.

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid Release Date

By the end of 2018, we will see the new premium crossover in markets. We already know what to expect from its base model. However, the hybrid system and its updates take more time for developments and modernization.


According to rumors, the new hybrid system will lead to the price jump. The 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid is going to cost more than its predecessors. However, the company could add $1,000 or $2,000 to the price sticker. That means the 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid is going to cost above $60,000 without extra options. Extra sets of features, such as a Technology package, or Advance package will boost the price further, making the vehicle more and more expensive. Fully loaded, a hybrid version of the Acura MDX will cost over $80,000.

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid interior

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid Specs

So, the drivetrain of the 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid remains the combo of a 3.0-liter V-6 petrol unit and electric motor. One battery is installed on each of the rear wheels. Although the Sport Hybrid model is using a smaller displacement, it can produce more power. The output is 320 hp. Also, we can count on 290 lb-ft of torque.

Fuel economy on highway matched the record of the regular MDX. Now, with a boost, we can expect the crossover with 29 or even 30 mpg. In the city, the SUV will return only 1 mpg less. Compared to its main rival, Lexus RX 450h, it is the weaker result. But the advantage of the 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid is in 60 horses.

Acura MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

The Super Handling All-Wheel Drive feature is something pretty cool you can add to your MDX. It is available for the hybrid model as well. Handling and cornering are much easier, and all drivers will fall in love with this option. This system spreads torque to each wheel instantly when needed. Only a few models are possible to upgrade with SH-AWD. Besides 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid, there are NSX and RLC Sport Hybrid.

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid engine

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid Pros and Cons

Besides the Standard model, buyers can upgrade their crossover with various packages of equipment. The Sport Hybrid brings a set of features such as the Integrated Dynamic System for a sportier ride. Energy from batteries is consumed more with this feature. It powers the start of the crossover and helps in acceleration. With it, the 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid needs less than 6 seconds for a 0-60 mph sprint. With Sport Hybrid Package for 2019 Acura MDX buyers will get active dumper and suspension systems.

For the Entertainment package, we must add $2,000. But, we are getting a rear entertaining system with a single or dual screen. The premium sound system has its own control center. This package also includes two wireless headphones sets and 12th speaker for better surround audio sound.

In 2021, the hybrid version could be replaced width MDX PHEV version.

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid rear

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid Advance and Technology Packages

At its best, the 2019 Acura MDX Hybrid will have Technology and Advance systems. With the first one, we will get the remote start feature and premium navigation. Acura’s product will help you with traffic jams thanks to the HD Digital Traffic feature. Blind-spot monitoring and premium ELS audio system are part of this addition as well.

The most expensive trim level of the 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid has an Advance package as its crucial part. The middle bench is transformed into captain’s chairs. So, this package eliminates one seating spot. Precise heating and ventilating are available for all three rows of seats. A six-way system also brings a fast warming option. Heating is also available for the steering wheel. Surround camera will make parking much easier with more sensors, grid, and blind-spot monitors.

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