2019 Acura CDX – The New Smallest SUV in the Lineup

The CDX is one of the latest additions to Honda’s luxury department. This crossover heads to the US next season as 2019 Acura CDX. So far, the model was available in China, where it debuted as hybrid as well. Both versions will soon come to the rest of the world to take a position in Acura’s compact class.

The 2019 Acura CDX will be smaller than compact RDX, but it is still not going into subcompact class. Besides that, the SUV will add some new dimension of driving the luxurious crossover. Of course, some features we can find in its siblings in North America, RDX, and MDX, will be present in the new SUV as well. Infotainment system and safety measures are just a few of them. But, the crossover will add some specific details making it unique.

2019 Acura CDX

2019 Acura CDX Drivetrain

Specs of the 2019 Acura CDX will fit the position the SUV intends to take. Under the hood of the vehicle is a 1.5-liter unit which is capable to produce 180 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. The turbocharged unit is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The same drivetrain system will come to other countries in 2019, at first place in the United States.

Just for the record, other two crossovers MDX and RDX are using the same drivetrain. It is a 3.5-liter V6, which is creating much more energy. So, the 2019 Acura CDX will be a fuel-saver with its inline-four powertrain. Besides that, it will be lighter, and the gas mileage could easily be the class-leading. For sure, it will add at least 3-4 miles per gallon compared to its slightly bigger RDX.


The 2019 Acura CDX will keep the dimensions it has for a couple of years. Its wheelbase will be 105 inches long, 3 inches shorter than RDX. Overall length loses 13 inches, and it is 174 in. The compact crossover is also lower and narrower than the vehicle which was the smallest until now.

2019 Acura CDX rear

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid

That is not all we can expect from 2019 Acura CDX. This crossover continues to impress even before it arrived. Besides the great fuel economy coming from a petrol engine, the CDX will come in the hybrid variant.

The cost of this setup is lost of the turbocharger. In that case, the base 1.5-liter unit will deliver much less power. If we take a look at some other Honda’s vehicles with this drivetrain, it drops the hp rating to 130, and torque to 115 lb-ft.

However, electric engine will add more energy, at the same time boosting the overall mileage. So, the 2019 Acura CDX won’t lose too much on the power end but will be able to offer at least 33 mpg combined, according to early estimations.

2019 Acura CDX Changes

For the US market, the 2019 Acura CDX will have to sort some things up before the appearance. The competition is tough, and the new model will be under special attention. Alternatives are numerous, like Lexus NX, or Infiniti QX30. But, Honda is experienced and they won’t leave anything to the case. From exterior details to interior features, such as seating and infotainment, everything is going to be set for the needs of US customers.

2019 Acura CDX interior


The 2019 Acura CDX will borrow some color schemes from the existing models on the US market. Also, the compact crossover will add some unique paintjobs. One thing is sure, there will be enough choices ahead of potential buyers. Not only that Acura offers various color schemes for the exterior, but also interior. Outside, buyers will be able to pick one out of at least 10 paintjobs. Some of them will be free, and there are probably one or two premium colors. The same is inside, but with the fewer choice.

2019 Acura CDX Price

Having in mind the prices of bigger Acura crossovers and rivals, we are pretty sure that the new SUV will start somewhere above $30,000. Its closest sibling, RDX costs $37,000. On the other hand, we expect big rivalry between 2019 Acura CDX and Lexus UX 200. Early estimations are that new UX will cost around $32,000, and that is exactly where we can expect the Acura CDX to be.

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